My bladez helicopter also sits on ground and spins and will not lift off.

I have the same problem as a previous writer, my bladez mini helicopter also just sits on the floor and spins will not take off.
Have tried adjusting the trim button to make it more stable but this makes no difference, still no sign of it liftiing off. Batteries are new and the helicopter is fully charged HELP !!!!

Asked Dec 25, 2010
Did you contact Bladez Toyz? Customer Service number: 02392 658 255
Same problem but I have sprayed the blade parts with wd40 and tightened the scows and it works like a dream
mine is just the same... it worked as soon as it came out of the box, but now it just spins on the floor. If I put my finger in the way of the tail to stop it spinning (watching I don't get my fingers cought in the rotor!) it seems to work fine. I think perhaps one of the motors isn't working as well making one of the blades spin slighty faster than the other, but the trim contol doesn't seem to do anything! :(

Answered Dec 25, 2010
A helicopter has to have some way to counter the rotation from the large blades on top that provide lift. Otherwise the body will spin in the opposite direction of the main blade and it will not fly.

On single rotor craft, the counter rotation is most often controlled by the small vertical blades on the back. I know nothing about a "Bladez" but it sounds like what is supposed to counteract the torque isn't working. Both the top and small rear blade have to be turning for it to fly.

If it has two blades on top that are the same size and one isn't turning at the same rate, it will produce that effect.

Apparently that is an ongoing problem with that product. This is the third question we've had on this.
Answered Dec 25, 2010
Edited Dec 25, 2010
it's the small dented weel on to the forward motor that slides down and dont turn the main bottom main rotor...get a small scre driver and push it back up so that it interlocks with the bigger dented wheel connected to the bottom rotor.
enrico Oct 04, 2012
same here with bladze terminator target copter worked fine now lower blades do not spin, also the tail blade does not spin, is it meant to?
Answered Dec 28, 2010
If the tail blade doesn't spin, the body of the chopper will spin in the opposite direction of the top blades.
Rob Dec 28, 2010
Did you contact Bladez Toyz themselves. 02392658255, greatest customer service team ever!!!!
if you have two pairs of main rotor blades then the tail blade will only spin when you use the forwards and backwards joystick on the controller.
i just got a bladez helicopter a few days ago for xmas and I got the same problem as you soon as it came out the box it lifted up in the air fine but now it just spins around and does not lift
Answered Dec 28, 2010
Edited Dec 28, 2010
My son has just got his bladea out the box and it is just spinning on the floor sounds like it is a common problem has anyone fixed theirs yet
Answered Dec 30, 2010
I had the same problem. A very small squirt of GT85 lubricant at the points above each blade on the vertical shaft fixed it for me. I guess WD40 work just as well.
Answered Dec 30, 2010
Edited Dec 30, 2010
I had the same problem and found it was caused by the top rotor becoming loose.

I fixed it by tightening the top two screws which attach the top rotor to the input shaft.
Answered Jan 03, 2011
That's exactly what the problem was...thanks!
Pieulle Feb 14, 2013
i have same problem it just spins and spins rubbish if u ask me
Answered Jan 04, 2011
bought from the entertainer take it back fully charged and tell them to fly it I had full refund
We tried taking it back to the entertainer and because we brought it in sept and gave it as a christmas present they didnt want to know. Wasted 25 pound even connected the headquarters they didnt want to know even though the goods were faulty
Did you contact Bladez Toyz directly??
I had the same problem, lots of spinning with no flying. Try a small squirt of WD40 above each blade and on the vertical shaft, this fixed my problem

Answered Jan 04, 2011
Guys and girls I hade the same problem with my helicopter just spinning and no take off.

I took it to bits to see how it worked and turned out that one of the cogs that drives the motor for the bottom blade had poped out so I pushed it back up and put it back together and hey presto it works.

Then same thing happend after I crashed it but insted of taking it apart again I just used a mini srewdriver and poped the piece back in place through the framework. located next to the cogs near the on off swith.

this seems to solve the problem until it crashes and you have to do it again.
Answered Jul 23, 2011
bumblebee's answer is a spot on. Tried the same thing myself and fixed the problem everyone else is having. There are 2 small cogs on 2 short spindles inside the mechanism that drive large cogs that in turn drive the top and bottom blades. The bottom blades are driven by the top large cog inside the metal housing, which in turn is driven by a small cog on the short spindle next to the "pilot's cab". On my son's helicopter the small cog had slipped down and needed to be pushed up to make contact with the large cog. I did this just by inserting a micro-screwdriver through the bodywork, i.e. without dismantling it.
sjpl Oct 24, 2011
thanks I think this solves the broblemo
I have the same problem but the smaller cog at the front is connected to the larger cog and both turn when pushed with a small screw driver so are connected but the small white cog on the spindle is not turning at all which makes me think the motor that drives the lower rotor blades (appears to be one for each blade, lower at the front of the chopper) is not working at all. My Bladez Metal also flew well for a handful of flights then the lower rotor blades stopped turning and now the chopper just spins and is grounded. I haven't tried taking it back to the Entertainer yet where I bought it and I haven't tried calling Bladez but did email there support team 4 days ago and got no response as yet.
Answered Jan 03, 2012
My execu heli isn't working the bottom rotor isn't working HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answered Jan 03, 2012
Im sorry to hear you guys are having problems with your helicopters. If you need any help with repairing any of your Bladez helicopters you can contact me directly and I will be able to help you. Also if you need spares you can visit our website for a very wide range of spares.

My email address is [email protected]
Contact Number: 02392 658 255
Answered Jan 06, 2012
Hi All, Sorry this isn't an answer but another question.

My son was brought a Bladez helicopter for Christmas and since boxing day it has sat unused. Why? The tail motor has partially failed after about an hour of flight, sometimes it spins but most of the time it sticks and when it does spin it will not move forward and only goes backwards slighty, rendering the copter to only being able to hover.

I contacted [email protected] and explained the problem and also asked if anything was covered by any type of warranty. The reply was....

QUOTE: If you are looking for a Metal Bladez motor we would be able to sell one from our office for £3.99 and postage of £1.99. We will be adding the Metal Bladez motor to the website either today or in the next few days.

That is great but it's brand new, and I've got to spend £6 to replace the motor and I have to fit it. It's had 6 or 7 flights that's all. I don't know how much the copter cost but I know that it wasn't a cheap £10 - £20 toy but even then I wouldn't expect it to pack up after an hour.

Looks to me all the company wants to do is sell. No interest if anything goes wrong.

Has anyone else had this type of failure and for the people who have contacted Blake, have you had the same answers? Did you get good service? Or did you just get a reply selling you parts?

I am about to contact Blake again. I have had no reply from him since I asked the warranty question on 30th Dec

I understand that they are running a company but this isnt 6 months down the line when I would happily BUY a replacement part.
Answered Jan 08, 2012
Hello Jord001

I am sorry for your helicopter being grounded, would you be able to call our office directly and ask for me so we can solve this issue.
Our number is 02392 658 255

Many thanks

all what bladez is doing is trying to sell things its not trying to help anybody
Best thing to do is ............. scrap it and buy T-34 from ebay far better machine.
Support from bladez is nothing short of terrible, all they want to do is sell you something else and that's only if you manage to get a response !!!!
Quote of email sent to them to describe my problems.
' So why would I ever contact yourselves again.
Firstly I buy from 'The Entertainer' a Bladez Max outdoor helicopter, which is totally unflyable.
This was confirmed by a guy called Adam via telephone to be the case, he sells me a G Bladez max ex demo helicopter for another £20.
This helicopter was received and appears in good condition but ............................................
The replacement helicopter sent is 40 HZ, my old one (and the hand control) was 27 HZ, therefore I still cannot fly either.
Adam did ask which frequency I had, to which I told him 27HZ.
So now I have 40HZ helicopter and 27HZ hand control, it all appears to be one big con.
Cannot even buy from 'The Entertainer' a new 40 HZ hand control.
Please remove my address from your records and do not contact me again.
Everything going on Ebay (with this explanation of problems) to try and recover some of my losses.
Alun Williams.'
So moral is buy a T-34.

Answered Feb 26, 2012
My tail blade came flying off after 5 minutes of flying i'm only 11 so I got upset my mum paidall that money for a piece ofjunk , i've just sent blake an email and are now waiting fo a reply. p.s I hope my mum doesn't shout at me i'm crying now just writing this :(
Answered Apr 13, 2012
Hello Emilbelieber64

I am sorry for your helicopter being grounded and your blade flying off, would you be able to call our office directly and ask for me so we can solve this issue.
Our number is 02392 658 255

Many thanks

If your helicopter is rotating there are a few adjustments that you will need to make. Your transmitter should have a knob on the top labeled left & right, this knob is used to adjust the wavelengths. If it is rotating anticlockwise (right) then you need to adjust the knob to the left. If It is rotating clockwise (left) you need to adjust the knob to the right.
Answered Aug 31, 2012
I only bought my Gyroscope helicopter yesterday for £30, turning the knob usually works for me but today I tried to fly it and it sat on the floor spinning. It won't take off and the more I turn the knob the more violent the spin gets.
I don't like Blakes answer...all they seem to want to do is get people to call them...whats the point in offering people your email address if all you do is ask them to call the office and ask for you...and erm Blake did you read emibelieber64 comment??? their ELEVEN....had you thought about that before you asked them to call you...surely your reply would be more suited to have asked them to ask their mother to call you. I just think its highly inappropriate to ask a child to phone even if it is an office.

I to have emailed Blake and look forward to seeing what reply I get...if I get asked to call them I know what I'm going to tell him...pick up the damn phone and call me...its their product that's failed and seems to constantly be failing other people as well.
Answered Sep 04, 2012
it hasnt failed. a gear is out of place. when you crash your plane this might have happened.
what a load of crap, first of all the batteries in the remote, the minus and plus thing was up side down. It was not touching each other I had to stick tin foil in the gaps to get the red light on and when I done all that the helicopter would not fly, not a dicky bird out of it. The only thing that worked were them cheap tacky christmas type of lights, im highly disgusted and very annoyed. The wife is even more pissed off than me, I dont want u to send me a message cause I wont be ringing u ill be ringing the cunsumers agency to have you shut down for good selling dirt like this, you should be ashamed of taking advantage of the customer's as most of them are little kids who dont know their right's you should not be allowed sell this crap..
Answered Oct 02, 2012
just had the same problem with mine. its where after a crash the front motor (links to bottom rotar) falls out of place. I fixed it in a few seconds. heres what to do.

how to fix the BLadez Metal RC helicpoter

1. remove the silver pannel on the side (the one with the on/off switch)
2. you will see a tiny sprocket atached to the front motor (closest to cocpit)
3. push it up, so it realines with the large sprocket to the right of it.

** make sure you push it up towards the top sproket and not down to the one underneath... the one underneath it for the highest rotorblade, which connects to the motor closest to the tail via a tiny sprocket (you will see when you open her up)
Answered Oct 27, 2012
I have bought 3 helis and not one of them would fly, just goes in circles on the floor and will not fly. I have tried the trim as they tell u to do but it doesn't help. these things are made in china and apparently they don't care about quality. they just shove them out to be sold and don't even check to see if they work before they sell them. total waste of money.
Answered Feb 20, 2013
not really. I figured out how to fix em. the gear is just out of place. I figured the bottom rotor isnt spinning; meaning the gear connected to the motor isnt touching it. push the back white gear up to the cog. worked for me.
not really. I figured out how to fix em. the gear is just out of place. I figured the bottom rotor isnt spinning; meaning the gear connected to the motor isnt touching it. push the back white gear up to the cog. worked for me.
i have just fixed mine :) first time I have seen the inside of a heli. just took nose off and there was a wire that had come lose out oof the socket. just push it back in and put the nose back on. simple.
unscrew the screws that hold the nose on (i just used a nail file, couldnt find a screwdriver to fit)
follow the wire from the back motor and push it back in.
happy now :) got m heli back.
good luck :)
Answered May 05, 2013
On mine the little black cogs on the end of the motors will not stay on they move down the shaft and are missing the big cogs that turn the rotors, tried gluing back on but will not stay, the motors are rubbish
Answered Jan 22, 2015

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