I can't find a job!

I have been searching for a job since college and now it has been 3 years and still I have found nothing! I am looking for jobs that range from no qualifications to more than I have out of desperation! I don't know what to do. I have had interviews and I have been close but never do I get chosen. I feel like if I get rejected one more time I might just loose my mind. The last rejection I got I cried for hours asking why I even bothered to go to college and wondering if I wasn't just the most worthless human on the planet. I need some suggestions or at least some support!
Asked Dec 17, 2010
Most employers understand that a college graduate who accepts a job with no qualifications is going to be gone when the economy picks up. Try to fit the profile of a reliable person that will be there for many years to come.
Answered Dec 17, 2010
Thanks for the comment. Any suggestions for the jobs that I am fully qualified for?
I'm sure you understand that the central problem now is the economy, not you. In an interview, forget all of the negative things about the economy and focus on what you can do for the employer. The more you understand about their business the better. Don't bring up how bad you need the job. Regardless, they will hire the person that can do the most for the company.
Rob Dec 18, 2010
Thanks Rob, I do know this but I need someone to point it out to me now and then. It's hard to stay in the right frame of mind.
First thing, which I want to suggest you is that focuses on your resume and mention more skills to catch the eye of the recruiters. It may be possible that your resume is dull and boring and fail to grab the attention of recruiters. If they find your resume matches the job profile then, they will definitely call you for an interview. Also, upload your resume on the portals which are relevant and best. There are many best sites available on internet which you can use like Monster India, Shine, Indeed, LinkedIn etc. all are good and providing the best opportunities every day. Click On :- http://www.monsterindia.com/
Answered Jan 24, 2018
Don't worry dear. You can contact with sevenenglish.cn. They are looking for English trainer. If you have that potentiality then you can get the job with a good salary.

Answered Jan 08, 2019
consult with a job consultant
Answered Jan 08, 2019

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