Why do I hate women? (detailed)

I hate women. Period. I have a great relationship with my mother. My family is upper middle class. I never had money issues or was left wanting for anything. I am an educated person, currently in my senior year of college at a private university. I understand that my hate of women is irrational and unwarranted, in fact, I'm a psychology student studying such phenomena. I'm not homosexual. I've held several relationships with girls that were longer than a year or two in duration. For some reason I have an insatiable desire to control women, which as far as I can tell, stems from my urge to demean them. I have never been the victim or witness of any such abuse. This desire is utterly innate within myself as far as I can tell. I have no social context or exposure which I could compare my feelings to.
Why am I this way?
Feel free to ask questions in order to derive your point.
Asked Dec 17, 2010
Edited Dec 17, 2010
Many of the questions on this web site are from young people struggling to learn who they really are. Many wonder, am I gay? Am I bisexual?

Fifty years ago you never heard questions like that. Males and females accepted their roles and homosexual behavior was very rare. What has changed in the past 50 years?

The public attention and acceptance that homosexual behavior has received is causing young people to question their sexuality. It has opened up options to them that were not available fifty years ago. Your question obviously has nothing to do with homosexuality but it's an example of the same principle of human behavior. There is no rigid mold that we are all made from. Self image is a learned thing. We are, who we BELIEVE we are.

Beliefs about ourselves have far more impact on our lives than most realize. People who believe they can't learn, don't try in school. Those who believe they're not attractive don't ask for a date. Somewhere in your past you've convinced yourself that you don't like females and you've built on that belief about yourself until it's now part of who you are. It's an irrational belief that assumes all females are the same.
Answered Dec 17, 2010
I certainly understand what you're saying, and I thank you for taking the time to answer. However, my question then becomes what can I do about this? If I'm merely having these feelings about women due to having conditioned myself to be this way, then I suppose you'd suggest trying to force myself to think positively about them instead? My problem is really that regardless of 'why' I have these feelings, I'm not entirely convinced that I could simply just "decide" to not feel this way. Perhaps I've just allowed it to continue on for so long that the ideas are truly seeded so deeply within me now that I'm not going to be able to repair my psyche.

The oddest part is that despite having a very clear understanding that these feelings towards women are both irrational and unhealthy, I still seem unable to resist giving into them. This is contrary to how I would handle anything else.
I wouldn't suggest trying to just "decide" to be different. Some women don't deserve to be liked as well as some men. The problem is when you assume all women are the same. Try to base your likes and dislikes on individual characteristics, not on gender. If you dislike her because she's a bitch, that's O.K, as long as you realize some women make wonderful friends and you will be missing a lot by excluding them.

Take a look at your expectations of women. Usually hate has an unreasonable expectation involved somewhere. If you learn to accept all people as they are, good or bad, you can live your life without hating anybody.
Rob Dec 18, 2010
That's an awesome answer.
mzpsych Dec 19, 2010
I think you answered the question already. Sounds like you life has been controlled for the most part of it by your family and others. Now, your sub-conscience wants you to do them same but its directed at what is perceived as a weaker sex "women" in the physical form hence leads one to think that you finding yourself in the conundrum of where a women's place lie.
Answered Feb 01, 2011
so many LOW LIFE LOSER WOMEN, that god created. why in the world would he create GARBAGE like them?
Answered Apr 03, 2012
Well, I just hope you realize, not all women are bitches, or stupid, I myself am I woman, and..unfortunately, I know alot of idiotic women.
But there's smart, kind and wonderful women to be around with.
In the meantime, if you find yourself demeaning women, maybe don't get into another relationship for awhile, until you've worked this out.
Answered Oct 05, 2012
i am a straight man that is looking for love again, but with so many very mean and nasty women out there now that certainly makes it much harder for me. especially the ones with the attitude problem, and the ones that are so hard to start a normal conversation with.
Answered Jan 01, 2013
the women years ago were certainly very much more educated than today, that is for sure. so very many women now are so very nasty to talk too, and they think that they are all that. but you really are all losers, and where are the real good down to earth women that we had back then? women were very committed to their men, and they accepted them for who they were. most of the women now want men with a very large bank account, and they are the ones that are straight. then we have the ones that are lesbians, such losers they are.
Answered Jan 01, 2013

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