I really need help. Please?

Right, last month I got some really bad news and some good news. The bad news was that my mum told be she was going to split up with my dad... I understand why but it ripped my heart into two :|. The good news is that my mum has been seeing another man who has been making her really happy for the past two years, after my mum told me this I met him with my brother who allready knew about him and my mum. He is a loving and sweet man an I would love to see him more than I already do.

I made a promise to my mum not to tell a living soul soo i'm posting this anonymously. But the feelings I feel just gets too much sometimes.

My dad does deserve happyness and I would hate to see him crying to my mum to take him back... Its happend before but then after that day it was never spoken of again... I have not told any of my friends about this and feel very alone, ive nearly told one of my friends because I was just soo rundown. I just don't know what to do :( Please help me guide me to some sence of knowing what to do next? Thanks alot for your time :(

Thinking about what might happen makes me shead tears but whatever I do I can't cry fully :( I might be making a big deal about this and I know that people have are much more worse of, I just need help badly.

What will my dad think when I go with my mum?
When would I see my dad?
When would things start to feel more normal?
and what are the steps in a divorce?
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Asked Dec 15, 2010
Well, as a child of divorce, I can say it really depends on the relationship between your mom and dad. Your dad will probably be hurt, because who wouldn't if their child was choosing the other parent, but usually a court rule is decided on how much you will see each parent. That is up to your mom and dad, but you can definitely ask either of your parents to speak for you. Also, if you are over a certain age (I think it's 14, maybe 16, don't remember) you can decide for yourself where you go. And your third question is a hard one... if by normal you mean like it used to be, then probably not for a long time, if ever. But, if you mean just normal life kind of normal then you should just know that it really depends on who you are as a person. Instead of seeing this as all negative and getting stuck, I would advise you to take from this experience that you are strong for being able to get through this. And although the steps to divorce might be hard, you should try to be positive and DON'T abandon your family. If anything, you should stick closer to them. Finally, the steps to a divorce... I'm not sure what the legal steps are, but the emotional steps are quite long for some people and quite short for others. Maybe talk to your mom about it. Start it off as a legal question and lead it into something else if you want. If you do decide to tell one of your friends, make sure they are trustworthy and wouldn't tell anyone. Hope I helped and good luck with everything!!!
Answered Dec 15, 2010
That's a great answer
Rob Dec 16, 2010

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