The game spirits. should I play again?

well how do I start???
well I was at my bffs place and she said to us we should play spirits (there were 7 of us but only 5 of us played) and I said ok (i was a little scared) so I did it the first time... THE CUP MOVED!!!! and im like to my friend stop it but she said she wasnt doing it (and I can tell when shez telling the truth and she was) and then I took my hand off the glass then saw shadows and hear someone in the kitchon there mum when in the with a broom and no one was there then we played again.... BUT THIS TIME it didnt scare me...... and the glass was moving they took there hands off the glass it was only me and the glass fogged up and it moved to b then it stoped and then my bffs brothers girlfriend turned the light on but even throw I was the only one with my hand on it and it moved I wasnt really scared like come on a glass moving guys wow thats great its not scary iv seen worster but then again it scares others why does it thats all that happend nothing was thrown on the floor nothing all there was..... was I heard someone in the kitchon, I saw someones shadow and the glass moved now!!! kitchon (well the window was open) shadow (well there were 7 of us) and glass (wow a glass moved big deal) why doesnt this scare me???? any way thats what happend. my mum tells me not to do it cause she did it and now theres a demon inside of her (like she has 2 people in her body. her and someother guy) now I thinking should I do it again? its not scary but on the other hand I dont want 2 people inside of me..... so can you guys help me out????
Asked Dec 09, 2010
maybe you should summarize. It's unclear to me. Have you ever been to Philadelphia? BEST PLACE EVER!
Answered Dec 22, 2010

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