How can I convince my husband to take his child back to her mother

Married with one child, my husband had a daughter from a previous relationship before we meet, he asked if we could live with his daughter since the mother does not have time for their child, she is 7 yrs,
but for the past 3 yrs it has been defficult she wants the child when ever she wants (the mother), if she doesnt have time she does not want her to come visit, that's when she's busy with her boyfriends.
Another problem is that the child developed some kind of bad attitude towards me she has become disrespectfull. Please help I just want my stepchild to go back to her mother, I can not take it anymore
Asked Dec 07, 2010
There's a more serious problem here than the child. It's called parental responsibility. It sounds to me like both of the parents are dumping their responsibility on you. Where is your husband on this? He is the one with custody of the child, not you.

All children naturally challenge authority. It's the parents responsibility to set limits. Tell your husband he needs to get involved in his daughter's upbringing and help teach her how to behave. He also needs to set some rules for visitation with his ex-wife. Those are not your issues, they're his.

In the middle of all of this is a child that it seems nobody wants and I suspect a good part of her behavioral problems are because she senses that. One of the best tools for getting a child to behave is a simple old fashioned hug.

Answered Dec 07, 2010
It is your responsibility too, to train another woman's child to become respectful as you are doing to your own child. I don't think u would ever ask your husband to sack your child from home because she's being disrespectful. You should have known that bringing up a child comes with the help of both biological parents and not step parents before involving yourself in the marriage. Since u love your husband and your own child, you must be ready to train your husbands child as your own. I don't know why some of you women rush into marriages with men who had had little misunderstandings with their wives, instead of giving them sometime to restore their marriage and have a lovely family back. You must face the consequences for taking away another woman's glory and wat she had toiled for. The child is going no where. Thank You!
Answered Sep 19, 2011

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