Hi, I have a female degu, who appears to have a white cloudy spot in her eye.I have read that could

Hi, I have a female degu, who appears to have a white cloudy spot in her eye.I have read that could have been caused by diabetes due to too much sugar. However, I only give them carrot and apple, which contains sugar once a month. Is there any possibilities that could be any other kind of eye infection rather than cataract, leading to blindness.
Asked Dec 05, 2010
Diabetes isn't only what you eat. How your body processes glucose is also a factor. I would assume the same for a degu. Diabetes or cataracts would likely appear in both eyes, not just one. If the spot doesn't show any red, I doubt it's an infection. How quickly it came up would be an indicator also. Cataracts or diabetes would develop much slower than an infection.

A degu living in a cage will live much longer than in the wild but they still don't live very long. If yours is over three years old, it's twice it's genetic life span in the wild.
Answered Dec 06, 2010
Thanks for the quick reply. My degu is just over a year old. The cloudy spot only affected the left eye. The spot started being visible a few days ago. I assume that if I don't feed anything containing glucose, than it will have none to be processed. Considering that my pet is developing cataract, is there a way to slowing down the process of eventually becoming blind?or what should I do?
Look at this link on cataracts in small animals:

Diabetes is caused by an imbalance in carbohydrate intake and your body's ability to process it. If your body doesn't produce enough insulin, the sugar remains in your blood. If the degu is overweight that might be an indication of diabetes.
Rob Dec 06, 2010

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