Am I a loser

Am I a loser I'm 19 in college my grades are poor I'm a virgin I try to talk to girls but I'm no good I have 1 friend that has everything and is soon going to outgrow our friendship because we no longer have nothing in common since I'm no good at anything and I quit partying since I get shunned by everybody Nobody talks to me at school or at home my parents are my best friends but barely talk to me I even tried to join a frat but was rejected should I just give up
Asked Dec 02, 2010
u r only a loser if u view urself to be a loser, and u are only popular if u see urself that way. I know it will be difficult but try and put urself out there more, nd build up ur self esteem. if u have any intrests, like theater or sumat, join a club and ull find ppl who u have at least one thing in common who u can hang out with. and being a virgin has nothing to do with popularity unless ur trying to hang out with douches. u could also try a club outside of school if u feel its to difficult to become "unshunned" at school, if u really are shunned. i've been where u r, it will get better. hope I helped
Answered Dec 02, 2010
Dont call yourself a loser! Opportunities will come your way and they will make everything better. Its hard fitting in sometimes and you just have to learn to deal with things like this to keep moving forward. There is nothing wrong about still being a virgin. I mean your just 19 years old, you have your whole life for something like that. Youll make friends if you try hard to be friendly with other people and get to know them.
Answered Jun 03, 2011
no dont give up and dont compare yourself with others either
keep talking to girls and tell them you like them, they look good, talk well etc complimenting their good things is the key
Answered Jan 21, 2013

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