Is my story good? What are some online contests that I can enter it in?

I was in a long dark hallway; behind me the light of outside was fading fast, growing ever smaller. A thick, sweet smell filled my nostrils and I heard the lapping of waves. Suddenly, I was plunged into darkness. My heart beat faster but I kept walking and I became very tense; I would be ready to run at the sight of any danger. My footsteps echo around me, making it seem like millions of people were beside me. I stopped and a bright light filled the cave, blinding me. I blinked, trying to get the white spots in front of me to disappear. When they were gone, I gasped, for there in front of me were stone steps leading downward; about five steps water lapped at the stone. The top of the water was covered in what seemed to be snow, but it wasn’t. It was just foam, and as a tiny wave rose up and crashed into it, the foam shattered into a million pieces which all floated away. A handrail was protruding from the cave wall, I grasped it; its surface was cool and slick under my warm hand. I took a step down; the first step was cool and the stone was actually mildly soft clay. It oozed up between my toes, making me feel relaxed. I took another step, but this time the clay was slippery and I almost fell. I put my other foot down more carefully, and I descended slowly, always feeling the step lightly before placing my foot on it. I just starting to relax again, when I took another step and my foot plunged into ankle deep water. I did not cringe or pull back, for the water was warm. It lapped around my ankles and a tingling sensation started to travel up my legs. They felt full of energy, but it was followed by numbness that traveled up my legs and, like a candle flame dipped in water, my energy was put out.
I traveled down more, until I slipped under the water. Everything was quiet and my long hair floated around me; making complex designs. I reached out with my arms and in a slowly gentle movement, started to swim. The water rushed past my warm cheeks as I twirled and spun around and around. Slowly, I started to float up and, reaching the surface, I broke out of the water. A cool breeze gently caressed my cheeks as I looked around. I was no longer in the cave: I was in the middle of a calm sea. Suddenly, it hit me: I was in the middle of an ocean with no one else around. I panicked and beat at the water, screaming for help. Frightened, I dived back under the water, the peacefulness cleared my mind and soon I came back up for air. I looked around once more and I saw a light, wooden box floating nearby. I swam over to it and saw that it was covered with slimy green mold; I could just make out the intricate, designs carved onto the top. I reached out and pulled lightly on the lock that sealed the box, it broke and fell into the dark water. Slowly, I lifted the old lid and peered inside. A golden locket attached to a shining chain lay at the bottom, it shone with beauty and in one swift movement I reached in and slipped it around my neck. It was cold and very heavy but I put it around my neck where it slid under my t-shirt. I leaned against the box, exhausted and scared. I wouldn’t survive long out here, a sharp wind had started to blow cutting through my wet cotton clothing. I climbed into the box; it was a tight space but it sheltered my feet and legs from the wind and I wouldn’t have to work to stay afloat. The box sank lower, the water danced around me, in pretty little patterns. It had seemed so friendly earlier, so gentle and kind; now I knew better than to trust those miniature waves of dancing light. They had pulled me, entranced, into the water and had led me into the middle of a sea. The sun slowly sank, casting an orange glow around me.
Suddenly, the waves and sun started to blur together as a room took its place. I was standing in a sturdy wood cabin that smelled of herbs and I could hear the waves crashing down against a beach outside. My eyes slowly drifted across the room until they came to rest upon a man who was knelt before me. My eyes met his deep, chocolate brown ones and I realized I must have been day dreaming. My hand went up to my neck and I felt a thin golden chain leading to a pure gold locket that lay against warm skin. I was confused but I soon forgot all about the locket when my eyes traveled up his muscularly arm that was outstretched toward me. On his hand lay a small, delicate ring. It was pure gold and jumping dolphins in a beautiful sea had been carved into it. My memory flooded back; this was Cody. We had been in love for the past few months and now, in a cabin by the sea he had bought for me, he had asked me to marry him. In one swift movement I took the ring from him and slipped it on. As I held it up, it gleamed in the light that was shining through the window. As I flicked my hair out of my eyes I said one final, pure word: “Yes.”
Asked Dec 01, 2010
I would have to say that that was very excellent. You have a great talent for imagery. Maybe you should look into writing as a career. :-)
Answered Dec 01, 2010
its really good
Answered Oct 23, 2011
That's incredible, Dragoxkill2! You are a great writer, keep writing!
As far as competitions go, there is a lot of choice. Most have limits on length, though. If your full story is under 3000 words you can try
You could also try which is a place to publish poems, short stories and novels online. There's also which is a good website for aspiring authors.
Good luck :)
Answered Oct 30, 2011
Awesome and Brilliant nice job with sensory details and imagery. Best luck be with you Cheers
Answered Nov 30, 2011
You could publish on Wattpad. It is quite known website and you can interact with the readers too.
Answered Sep 26, 2014
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