Compare the impact of the rise of christianity, buddism. and islam on postclassical eurasia?

compare the impact of the rise of christianity,buddism,and islam on post classical Eurasia?
Asked Dec 01, 2010
The Post Classical period was the beginning of inter-action between the peoples of Eurasia. The increasing trade had a positive effect but the clash of religous beliefs created cultural walls that remain in existence today. The wars in the Middle East and Bosnia, even the ongoing battle with terrorism all have roots that extend back to the Post Classical Period. The impact of the rise of Christianity, Buddism. and Islam coupled with the return of Judiaism has been to fire up the territorial instincts of mankind to tragic proportions. The great paradox of history is that so many have died fighting over which is the best path to peace and brotherhood.
Answered Dec 02, 2010
Edited Dec 02, 2010

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