Why am I peeing so much?

I have the feeling I gotta pee like every 10 mins to half an hour... I have the urge to pee alot... need some answers
Asked Nov 22, 2010
im not drinkin alot.... im drinkin like a normal person drinks.... whenever they're thristy....
hmh8810 Nov 23, 2010
Okay.... but im so young why would I be getting this? Im 22 yrs old!
hmh8810 Nov 23, 2010
It could be something insignifigant or it could be serious. Which do you think will provide you with the best answer, medical science or EHelp? It always works better to form your opinions on the facts rather than to look for facts to support pre-formed assumptions.
Rob Nov 23, 2010
There's a lot of possibilities. Don't want to scare you but a growth that is crowding your bladder could cause that and it may not be painful in the early stages. Have it checked by a doctor.
Answered Nov 23, 2010
Here are a few answers which may solve your problem.

- Check with your doctor as you may have bladder problems.
- Maybe you drink to much? (water, cola, irn bru, etc)
- OR you might have a weak bladder (this is normal for some people as they cant help it or they have to get surgery!)
Answered Nov 24, 2010
Edited Nov 24, 2010
well it happens like for two days and stops then it will eventally start back up again.... if its does....
hmh8810 Nov 25, 2010

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