Is it common policy to check for allergic reactions or any reactions before an operation?

Asked Nov 20, 2010
There are so many things made of latex that we come in contact with daily, it's hard to imagine someone being allergic to latex and not knowing it. Speak to a lawyer. He/she will be able to check on the medical standards and have you tested to determine whether you are in fact alergic to to something used in your operation.

Lawsuits are based on proveable facts. You can't do it based on what someone in EHelp said.

Latex allergies:
Answered Nov 21, 2010
Edited Nov 21, 2010
I take an allergy test every year just to see what I am allergic to. It would be best if you were to take one so that you can warn a doctor before the operation because it would be horrible to find out that you were allergic to anesthesia without realizing it then dying while under the knife.
Answered Nov 22, 2010
Two answers,but not to the question I asked. The question I asked was, Is it common policy for a hospital to test for allergic reactions before an operation.I don't know how the word hospital got removed from my question! I had an operation 5 years ago and that hospital tested me for reactions before the operation.I'm wondering how many people who have had operations were tested before the surgery?
headown Nov 22, 2010
There are people from all over the world asking questions here. There is no worldwide common medical policy. Even within a country medical policy can vary from one region to another. The correct answer would come from a local source.

Your previous question asked about a lawsuit over scarring from a latex allergy. Again, a lawyer would have that answer.

Rob Nov 23, 2010
Normally it is not common policy to check for allergic reactions. I was simply stating that I get one every year to be on the safe side. I have no idea where you are so I don't know what the policies are for your location. Where I live it is not required. For where you are it might be, I have no idea, since I don't know where you come from. As Rob has said twice you are better off asking a local surgeon or local lawyer regarding the policies for your region

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