Ive been dating this girl for about a month, but she is never the one to initiate spending time w me

When we do see each other, which is about once a week, we always have a great time. It always seems to be a chore for me to figure out when she is free, as she always has plans throughout the week/weekend. I know for a fact she is very interested in me, so it drives me up the wall that it seems like she isn't making an effort to see me more often. So far, I am ALWAYS the one initiating texts/making the plans for us to see each other. Is it too early in this relationship for me to be upset about this kind of thing? I really like this girl but I don't want to look desperate or needy by always going after her like this, but at the same time I don't want to ignore her and make her lose interest. If anyone has some insight or advice, I would really appreciate it.
Asked Nov 19, 2010
Has this girl had an old fashioned upbringing? Fifty years ago it was considered bad manners for a female to initiate a date.

If that isn't the case, it depends on what she's doing with her time away from you. If it's work, school and family related, her social life is farther down her list of priorities. If she's dating other guys, your standing with her simply isn't what you think it is.

I disagree that ignoring her would make her lose interest. If that happens, she isn't serious about you in any way. Tell her it's her turn to initiate the next date and stick to it. Good or bad, you'll learn where you stand.

I must admit, what you write does sound a bit clingy. Maybe you should find some productive things to do with your time while you're waiting for her? "A watched pot never boils."
Answered Nov 19, 2010
you should also think about her point of view. i'm a girl and i'm also super busy, my only completly free days are fridays and sundays, since I have so many activities. most of my stuff is prepaid, so I don't go I lose money. I have to miss out on stuff I want to go to sometimes cuz of my schedule. I only try to get together with ppl when I know for sure will be free, and she may be doing the same, and if she has an even busier schedule she its possible she'll rarely know when she'll be free
Answered Nov 25, 2010

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