Please can someone summarize this

Can anyone summarize this article by carl rogers I just need a summarization of the part on the "The fully-functioning person" of the article, and possibly answering this question also...........Which of these qualities do you think are most important for full-functioning? Which are least important? Here is the link to the article
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Asked Nov 15, 2010
I read this and it's quite lenghty. I will summerize your question as informatively and poinlently as I can. The fully functioning person is one that adheres to the social and behavioral norms that society delegates as law and is written for all to obide by. The fully functional person is always aware and coherent of his enviornment and place in society. This person is constantly receptive to all things and conditions around him. He has insight in viewing and observing the good and bad that life throws at us. He is always in harmony with Earth, man,nature, species of all forms and has a deep respect for all. He is religious,emotional, loving, careing, compassionate, and always willing to sacrifice himself in the plight of others. His mind is always wanting to make things better not for himself but for all. His position is strong and forthright. He is a warrior of the times and will fight for the goodness of man. (no room left)
Answered Nov 30, 2010
Edited Nov 30, 2010

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