How do I kiss?

well I have a boyfriend and he asked me to kiss him and I dont know how to kiss him
Asked Nov 14, 2010
yu have to ack like yu know how too kiss and just let youur boy friend lead kissing yu
no? not at all.
Put your lips against the target spot and do like you're trying to blot lipstick on him.
Answered Nov 14, 2010
no lol (: thats not a kiss rob.
thats not a kiss really thoe lol $$$$$$$$
when you lean in don't shut you eyes untill you've touched his lips, have your eyes be kinda like a dimmer switch. I know it seems like kissing is super complicated but once you do it it comes pretty naturally
Answered Nov 14, 2010
Ok I agree with avery <3 kissing isnt hard at all. u just have to be relaxed and confident or you'll just mess yourself up but dont worry im sure u will do perfectly fine unless u like lick his face cause thats nasty!!! lol just remember to be calm and evrything will work out. hope I helped :):)
Answered Nov 14, 2010
However you feel comfortable... doesn't have to be mouth to mouth... there's lots of other places to kiss and some people are grossed out by kissing other people's mouths.

remember germs? try to find something touchy you both like to do that feels good, you're not in a hollywood movie, and you don't have to exchange spit or tongues to love someone. Although some people say that they really love it!
Answered Dec 30, 2010
i used to have the same problem....okai all my friends told me to take the lead....but dont ! as soon as u touch lips close your eyes..... or just look down..... okai let him take the first move and then u copy him ..pretty much you do what he does.. its not hard even tho hes proberly practesing infront of the mirror every time b4 he sees you ;)....dont be afraid just go with the flow...if he closes his eyes u do..if he goes first u go after....never just wait for him though...if he hasnt moved then u make the first one....always do wateva the other person is....and soon u will get the hang of it and will not need to worry at all about it xx hope it helped x ;D x
Answered Mar 21, 2011

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