When did the industrial revolution get its name, or what was it called while it was happening?

when did the industrial revolution get its name? or was it called the industrial revolution when it was happening? I have to write a faux-newspaper article for history on the slums during the industrial revolution and i'm not sure how to refer to that time period (1750-1830). plz answer before monday the 15th
Asked Nov 13, 2010
History has a much better perspective of change than those living it. For example, if you were writing an article about today, what would you call the period we're living in right now? You don't have to name it to write the article as if it is taking place now.

A good description of slum life in that period can be found in Charles Dickenson's novel, Oliver Twist.
Answered Nov 14, 2010
Honestly, I have no f*****g idea!! srry I cant answer this one for u :( just look it up on google or somethin... idk sorry girl. Luv ya!!
Answered Nov 14, 2010
Look at:


Excerpt: Way down the page.

"When was the Industrial Revolution?

The French coined the term Industrial Revolution in the 19th century as an analogy to their own political revolution. Although the phrase is in common use, it is not always clear what this phenomenon was or even when it occurred."

End excerpt

I would think that if you are writing now about the past i.e. the industrial revolution, you refer to it as just that.

Just as now we refer to the consumer Age, or the Oil Age. Maybe we are still in the Oil age. But there is a need now to name the current time as the "The Communication Age" or "The Internet Age".
Answered Nov 14, 2010
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Answered Jun 27, 2014

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