I asked out a coworker and we've been out a few times and have a great time. Yet she is always busy.

The few times we've been out we have an awesome time. We get along really well and she seems very interested in me romantically. Yet I keep asking her to hang out and only get a yes about 25% of the time, she always seems to have plans already set with other people. I really want to keep getting to know her because we seem really good together, but it is getting very difficult when I'm expecting a no most of the times I ask to see her. Is she worth the time to keep trying? Is she truly interested but just very social with other people as well? If anyone can shed some light on my situation I would appreciate it very much.
Asked Nov 03, 2010
I'm opposed to dating people in your workplace. If the relationship sours it can have a serious effect on your job performance.

If her "plans" are dates with other guys, you may have a different idea of how well you fit than she does. Otherwise it sounds like she wants to accomplish more in life than just, "hanging out." Ask yourself what are your expectations? If you want to be the center of her life, that may not happen.

What happens if you don't contact her. Will she contacy you?

Only you can answer, "Is she worth the time to keep trying?"
Answered Nov 03, 2010

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