How do you know if a bisexual girl likes you?

Ok there's this girl that I am friends with and she keeps giving me mixed signals. Sometimes I think she likes me but then sometimes I don't. I am not bisexual but somehow find myself really attracted to her, and apparently really like her. When we first met, after a few weeks of course, she came out and said she use to date girls. After she told me this she tried everything to find out if I was bi. I asked her why she thought this and she said takes one to know one. After a while we were texting back and forth and some how the conversation came up again and I told her that I wasn't and have never been with a girl and so forth. She said she thought I was and was sorry for assuming, but that she had prayed that I wasn't, which is a long story. She said she used to be bi, but was no longer that way. We text everyday and have gotten closer now. Nothing has happened between us, but a little flirts every once in a while. Now it seems she wants to be around me a lot, and when she is she's always smiling and playing with her hair. Something was said the other day which I can't remember, but I remember saying that for some reason she pops in my head every morning and she said ditto. She uses ditto when she feels the same way. She has told me she likes being near me and has said some little things too, but I just don't know if she's interested in that way. Sometimes though she will mention a guy or something and then say haha just kidding. She tells me out of the blue sometimes that she loves me and we text from the time we wake up till the time we go to bed. I don't know if it's just her as a friend or if she's interested. I can't just ask her for the fact I don't want to lose her friendship, and for another reason I can't name. So what else could I do to find out? What are some subtle ways to find out? What questions could I ask without directly asking her?
Asked Oct 28, 2010

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You may be trying to find out something even she doesn't know the answer to. In teenagers, it often takes experimentation before discovering who you really are. "Bi" can be a way of saying you haven't yet figured it out like you're leaving all of your options open.

The best way to deal with it is to have honest and open discussions with her about the general subject, tell her how you feel if you're comfortable with that but never ask her where she stands. If she doesn't contribute anything to the discussion about herself, you can assume she isn't interested.

Just remember, in addition to "I am" and "I'm not," there's also another option, "I don't know yet." That's O.K. Experience will answer that question for both you and your friend in time.
Answered Oct 29, 2010
Well Rob, we aren't teenagers, way past that age. Just so you know, but thanks for your comment.
Sorry. With no age in the profile, we have to go with how it reads and it reads like a couple of kids to me.
Rob Oct 30, 2010
read this one and I just wanna know... after almost three years what happened?

Base on your words (last october 2010) , I think you both like each other.
Answered Mar 08, 2012
I'm in the same boat because I've neer really liked girls before at my school but then this girl changed that . I don't know if I should like girls or if I should just not like her. She is bisexual and I don't even know if she likes me back. I think I want to be with her but idk because I want to keep my options open. I just don't know of I should like girls or not .
Answered Mar 19, 2013
Just be honest with each other tell her how you feel and if you guys are truly friends it will work out in your favor. Tell her that you think you may have been misunderstanding what has been going on between you two and you want to make sure your on the same page with each other.
Answered Jun 06, 2013

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