How do I cut my hair simular to this pic (doing it myself)?

How do I cut my hair simular to this pic (doing it myself)?,r:20,s:47&tx=105&ty=85

I am not scene or emo and I hate labels.Im just a person who like this hairstyle and has wanted my hair like this for a long time.Every time I ask a hairdresser to do my hair like this they mess it up.So I have decided to do it myself.So can someone please tell me how to cut my hair like or close to the picture.Thanks in advance for the help.
Asked Oct 25, 2010
Unless you have some great acrobatic skills, cutting your own hair is almost always a disaster.
Answered Oct 26, 2010
I gave myself this hair cut. But it's almost impossible to explain through words. Try looking at a video.
Answered Aug 07, 2016

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