My bladez metal series is just sitting on the ground and spins. plz help.

i have no clue how to fix I think I have tried almost ervery thing plz help.
Asked Oct 22, 2010
A helicopter has to have some way to counter the rotation from the large blades on top that provide lift. Otherwise the body will spin in the opposite direction of the main blade and it will not fly.

On single rotor craft, the counter rotation is most often controlled by the small vertical blades on the back. I know nothing about a "Bladez" but it sounds like what is supposed to counteract the torque isn't working. Both the top and small rear blade have to be turning for it to fly.

If it has two blades on top that are the same size and one isn't turning it will produce the same effect.
Answered Oct 23, 2010
Edited Oct 23, 2010
Im sorry to hear you guys are having problems with your helicopters. If you need any help with repairing any of your Bladez helicopters you can contact me directly and I will be able to help you. Also if you need spares you can visit our website for a very wide range of spares.

My email address is [email protected]
Contact Number: 02392 658 255
Answered Jan 06, 2012
Best thing to do is ............. scrap it and buy T-34 from ebay far better machine.
Support from bladez is nothing short of terrible, all they want to do is sell you something else and that's only if you manage to get a response !!!!
Quote of email sent to them to describe my problems.
' So why would I ever contact yourselves again.
Firstly I buy from 'The Entertainer' a Bladez Max outdoor helicopter, which is totally unflyable.
This was confirmed by a guy called Adam via telephone to be the case, he sells me a G Bladez max ex demo helicopter for another £20.
This helicopter was received and appears in good condition but ............................................
The replacement helicopter sent is 40 HZ, my old one (and the hand control) was 27 HZ, therefore I still cannot fly either.
Adam did ask which frequency I had, to which I told him 27HZ.
So now I have 40HZ helicopter and 27HZ hand control, it all appears to be one big con.
Cannot even buy from 'The Entertainer' a new 40 HZ hand control.
Please remove my address from your records and do not contact me again.
Everything going on Ebay (with this explanation of problems) to try and recover some of my losses.
Alun Williams.'
So moral is buy a T-34.

Answered Feb 26, 2012
just had the same problem with mine. its where after a crash the front motor (links to bottom rotar) falls out of place. I fixed it in a few seconds. heres what to do.

how to fix the BLadez Metal RC helicpoter

1. remove the silver pannel on the side (the one with the on/off switch)
2. you will see a tiny sprocket atached to the front motor (closest to cocpit)
3. push it up, so it realines with the large sprocket to the right of it.

** make sure you push it up towards the top sproket and not down to the one underneath... the one underneath it for the highest rotorblade, which connects to the motor closest to the tail via a tiny sprocket (you will see when you open her up)
Answered Oct 27, 2012
Edited Oct 27, 2012

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