Why my father always thinks that my mum have a boyfriend when she going out somewhere?

My dad.
He is anti social like our dad and acting like my mom is a slave that can't go out and enjoy her life. If never had been ONCE going out with friends, family, party drinking beer because my dad will mistaken that she have another boyfriend and making fool story like she went to see her boyfriend in the salon What the hell?
by the way my mum say she's going to break up with my dad but my dad says "Give me one more chance". He says it so often. He is having a mental problem? I don't know because he always thinks HE IS RIGHT. HE ALWAYS STAND FOR HIMSELF. But it's not true, He lies and his evidence is foolish. But he still say it's true. Hate him . He say he love my mom. But really?Also when are moving out of the house to another he say I apologize for everything I done then he keep repeating this Sh** again ,What shall I do?
Sometimes he is good sometimes he is bad.
I don't know whats going on with him?
He also call my mom a "B****"
I can't it stand anymore
Asked Oct 19, 2010
Edited Oct 19, 2010
Your dad sounds like he's very insecure, lacking in self confidence and unhappy with his life. If alcohol is involved, that will amplify the way he feels.

What you can do depends on your age. If you are still in school, it's all up to your mom. Consider whether she has enough income to live on her own. Talk to her when the emotional level is low and he's not around and tell her how you feel.

If you are old enough and capable of supporting yourself, look for someone else to stay. Maybe an aunt or grandparent could take you in in the meantime.
Answered Oct 19, 2010
Thank you ,
I agree with you too.
He is really lacking in self confidence and unhappy (sometimes)
He lies and he keeps saying I have a evidence and he don't even show us the freaking evidence. He is ...tough when he lies. Never accept that he lies.
He is mental.. keeps repeating same .. .. every time.
The sad thing is people who blame everything on others can never be convinced that they need help themselves. Arguing with him about it will do nothing. It's something he has to learn himself.

The bright side is your understanding of what's going on will help insure you don't get your life into the delimma your mum is facing now.
Rob Oct 20, 2010
If there is no Trust in a Relationship, then there is nothing. If your Dad does'nt Trust your Mum then why are they together? You NEED Trust to make a Relationship work.
Answered Oct 20, 2010
Edited Oct 20, 2010
I agree with you but me and my mum wanted to move out but.. he keeps doing the same story and yeah you're right and why father still want to stay with my mum when he always start a story and bla bla bla?
He is mental abit
Thx for commenting :)

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