Can I send a CamStudio .swf file in an e-mail?

Just learning, so please bear with me. (Didn't find a sub-category that exactly fits this, either.) I'm having a problem with one of my programs and wanted to send a screen-capture video to the program's techie. I used RenderSoft's Camstudio to record a video as a .swf file. When I went to upload it into an e-mail (Hotmail), the .swf file is greyed out and I can only attach a file with the 2nd extension of .html. It did upload and I sent it to myself as a test. When I tried to open the attachment, it just kept trying to load but after a couple of minutes, I gave up. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong. Any clues?
Lucy in Paradise.
Asked Oct 17, 2010
Edited Oct 17, 2010
A SWF file plays in a flash browser plug in. Without any knowledge of if you have a SWF player on your machine, what size the file is and if Hotmail has a file size limit it's hard to tell what the problem is.

Most tech reps can work with a still screen shot and they're surely simpler to send as attachements. If that will work, do the following:

Assuming you're using Windows, Hold down Ctrl and Print Screen on the keyboard. That will copy the screen image to the Clipboard.

Load a photo editor program, make a new file and select Paste. Then Crop it if needed and save it as a jpg.

If you don't have a photo editor, Use MS Paint on your machine at: Start/Programs/Assesories/Paint

Attach the JPGs to the email.
Answered Oct 17, 2010
Thanks, Rob - I guess I'll try the still shot. Thought I was being so clever using CamStudio. I can play the file I created. I think it would play on any RealPlayer. But if it won't load it won't play!!!
P.S. - I like your parrot!
lucystt Oct 17, 2010

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