What cemical is in K2, that gets you high. If it is just an insent, what could be in it to actually

fuck with your head. I don't get it. I've smoked weed and i've smoked K2. What is the real deal about the product? You can purchase at your local gas stations. Even if the company has said not for human cunsumption, that does not stop addicts from trying the product especcialy if you can pass a drug test.
Asked Oct 07, 2010
K2 is sprayed with a cannibas-like chemical. Some states and countrys in Europe have already made K2 illegal. It is detectable in urine and I suspect urine tests will include it as more states make it illegal.

Answered Oct 08, 2010
well how long will it stay in your urine? I heard they don't test for it
Answered Jan 03, 2011
The current tests don't detect it because it wasn't an issue before but it is detectable. It will just take some time to include it in the testing materials.

How long it will be detectable in your system will depend on how sensitive the test is and how much of it you put in your system.
Rob Jan 03, 2011

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