My friend loves me but I dont love her, now she knows it she has stoped talking to me

Me and my friend have been friends for ages, and our mums have known eachother for years and through me and her being friends they have reunited, Basicly one night she said to me 'Do you fu*king love me or not because i'm not Fu*king waiting around anymore' and me wanting to not loose her as a friend said yes :/ but we broke up after 1 day, now she has causes agrueements and we cant talk at alll, I try soo hard but she makes it soo difficult to maintane a convosation. What do I do now? Ohh yea and the day we broke up not even a day later she went out with my brother. Pleasee helppp i'm stuck.
Asked Oct 03, 2010
The worse part of dealing with a situation like that is the feeling of rejection. As difficult as is is to swallow right now, you'll make out better in the long run than either your GF or your brother. A GF that would dump you and immediately date your brother has no character. A guy that would take his brother's GF has none either. People with no character are their own worse enemies.

The best way to get past the rejection would be to find a young lady with some character and appreciate her. Never go back to the other girl. She has a flaw that is very difficult to change.

Answered Oct 03, 2010
Bradley, stop talking about me on a help site.
Answered Oct 08, 2010
Then stop getting arsey with me :/ Just leave me alone and let me do my own thing.
Shush person that idk! lol let him speak what he wants, let him do what he will, and if you don't, I will go where ever u live and make u EAT IT lol
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