I love a girl she has a boy friend but likes me alot

i love a girl but she is in love with someone else ,but she likes me alot and says that she cant live without me and need me throughout.being very possesive I dont like when she hangs out with him and this leads to fight.she is not able to leave him nor me.but I feel very hurt when she goes with him.WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO NOW?
Asked Oct 01, 2010
if you really love her then try to change her way of thinking
Answered Jan 22, 2013
You can't change what she does but you can force her to make a choice. Leave her alone. If she wants you, she can dump the other guy. If she doesn't, she's made her choice, get over it and move on. I don't think you will have lost much. There's something wrong with that picture.
Answered Oct 01, 2010
She want to play games, Love hurts but we can take so much and it's hard to leave when you love someone but start dating other peoples and find someone to spend your time with also. Life goes on that is why it is so hard for us women to find good men because some women want to play game, Move on Rahul.
Answered Oct 10, 2010
but im not able to date someone else when she is there with me.whenever I ask her she keeps on telling both are imp.when she is with him she is really very happy and can find a happiness but she s not accepting it.i told her manytimes to leave me and live with him happily but she is not able to leave me
Honestly man, she is playing love games with you. It is best to just move on and find someone else. There are literally millions of women out there and one of them is waiting for you to show up.
Answered Oct 10, 2010
youre right dude,but I have loved her to that deep that I cant forget her
To your comment just above ^ and I agree with night, try to move on. I hope this helps! l
Answered Aug 02, 2011
ignore her for somemonth, and show emotional action,
do not talk with her for 2 or 3 weeks
but xpress her with action that u love her
if she is ur classmate or college mate then give her chocolet everyday through someone but u dont talk with her
dont give her so much value.
Answered Aug 15, 2011
Just for a second, imagine you we're her boyfriend and you found out that she was saying see likes another guy! What would you do?
Answered Feb 01, 2013
Just move on that girl makes me sick>:( she is toying with you man. All she wants is for you to get jealous:(
Answered Aug 14, 2013
hey brother im honestly going through the same thing I typed in what your title is google is to see some comments for myself I met this girl in the subway so we walk and talk and I ask her if shes got a man and she says she does but tells me to take her number so I know she liked me right off the bat we bumped heads hard by accident so im like theres no way this is a mistake so anyways later on in the day I go shopping I text her and I said your man is lucky lol and she asks me to come by her work and I go hang out with her for a bit and she asks me if id like to walk her home and this girl is gorgy so I do she asks me if id like to come hang out for the night and I say sure but of course her bf is on his way to meet her they already had plans so thats cool she calls me the next day and says I want to see you I say ok so we go out to play pool no expectations to drink or anything and then 3 hours later she says shes going to have a cranberry and vodka so then right there through that whole day we had so much fun and the feelings we had for eachother the way we kissed eachother and are connection was so strong that ive never felt that way about a woman ever so we ended up getting freaky having a good night she was bad ass and so was I it was so nice so of course shes feeling bad the next day but says to me im so in love with you this is crazy I dont know why im feeling this way towards you I feel like ive known you my whole life so she said shes going to set her feelings out and deal with the other dude im not going to chase her im going to just let her think of me and how different it is without me being around the other dude is boring small penis dont know what hes doing lol but at the end of the day things like this happen your not alone but keep me posted and all keep you posted we could write a book man till death do us apart lmaoo im single and you know what I will wait but I wont text her that much or nothing all let her get lonely and keep thinking of me I know she will come because she said shes in love and next time we see eachother will make love not sex cus will be together so take your time brother let her come
Answered Sep 12, 2013
you have to get over her if she isn't going to be your boyfriend... Im sorry but you sound really sweet kid <3
Answered Jun 28, 2014
if she really love you like she say she will leave her boyfriend and go with you if not then get over her
Answered Dec 13, 2014

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