Two "straight" girls. wondering about each other


I would love some help, everyone. please let me know what you think.

situation; I am beautiful, 20/f. she is also beautiful.
I know she's told a lesbian that shes straight. that lesbian liked her, and got rejected by her.


we would never ordinarily see each other...our lives go in different directions. but she always tries to set things see me. we don't even necessarily get along that well, because (heres the weird part) we are both so NERVOUS and shy and (personally) I am jittery when I talk to her. its not a relaxing thing...

its extremely intense. it feels almost know sunburnt skin? like each one of our conversations is...touching sunburnt skin.
she asked me if I've ever liked a girl. I lied--because I didn't want her to reject me, like she had that other girl. I said, "maybe when I was younger, but its weird you sort of grow out of it"
I was vague but, the impression was that, I'm not bi.

well, obviously this was an OK thing to say, but that didn't make our interactions any easier..I'm so nervous...I really, adore her. I'm straight but...I would definitely sleep with this girl, I feel so crazy when I think of her. ahh--

so what do you think...probably I should just wait and see...maybe she'll make the first move, I think that would be the I just don't want to scare her...what does she want? why does she look at me like that...shes almost flirty...i don't...know...god, girls are so complicated and I AM one...crap
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Asked Sep 28, 2010
Edited Sep 28, 2010
Whether your life is complicated or simple is your choice. The description above is the complicated choice. The simple choice is to ask her why she looks at you that way.
Answered Sep 29, 2010
ok theres what you need to do
flirt with her and if she does it back to you
then go to step 2
ask her questons like have you ever like a girl before??
step 3
tell her that you know someone who likes her
then say ill tell you if you tell me if you like me
if she says yes then say im the one who has a crush on you
if she says no then just say a boy at school or something but
yer do this you might just get her!!!
Answered Oct 14, 2010
okay heres the thing , come straight out and be straight forward , ita honestly the easiest way to go,
Answered Jan 19, 2011
It is laughable that you say you are straight but you would sleep with this girl. If you want to have sex with another female you are not straight. Bisexual women who prefer men usually describe themselves as straight.

You need to give your definition of what you mean by straight
Answered Nov 30, 2017

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