In camstudio how do I enclode a video option for camstudio lossless codec?

in camstudio how do I enclose a video option for camstudio lossless codec
Asked Sep 27, 2010
Answered Sep 27, 2010
I can't seem to choose video option camstudio lossless codec.
I can choose from:
1. cinepak codec by radius
2. intel indio video 4.5
3. intel iyuv codec
4. microsoft video 1
camstudio lossless gave me excelent resolution.
My computer crashed and I lost camstudio lossless codec.
I installed camstudio-lossless-codec-v14-released but it doesn't show up in the options list.
Is there a way to restore it?

zitzen Oct 08, 2010
It may not have installed correctly. Here's the install EXE"
Rob Oct 08, 2010
No, camstudio still doesn't pick up the lossless codec.
Does it matter where the lossless codec is installed? The install wizard doesn't give an option to install anywhere particular.
Should I uninstall and reinstall Camstudio and the lossless codec?
Are there other solutions?
zitzen Oct 10, 2010
You shouldn't have an option on where codecs are installed. Try re-installing the codec first, then CamStudio.

The link below offers a free utility for viewing the codecs on your machine. From that you should be able to tell whether it's being installed or CamStudio's not seeing it.
Rob Oct 11, 2010
No, nothing seems to work.
zitzen Oct 11, 2010

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