Will the world end in 2012?

Ive saw the film "2012" and I thought to myself will that happen in 2012 as it said so in a newspaper I read. Can someone give me some hope that it wont happen? (not sure its possible but I like to ask?)
Asked Sep 27, 2010
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It didn't end! =D
KC13 Jan 07, 2013
Movies can't accurately portray the past and we have factual evidence of what happened. I wouldn't rely on them to predict the future. Their motive is to ring the cash register. If they had the ability to predict the future they'd be investing in the stock market, not in movies.

Because the Mayan Long Calendar enters a new cycle at the Winter Soltice 2012 doesn't mean the earth is going to roll over with it. There have been planetary alignment scares in the past that didn't pan out. In my view, the destruction of the earth will take place as a result of flawed human thinking but I doubt anybody could set an exact date for the final curtain.

Answered Sep 27, 2010
Lol Thanks!
God only who knows.. Nobody else can pretend what gonna happen in the future.
Answered Sep 28, 2010
Thought the world was going to end in 1999?
Answered Sep 28, 2010
Yeh and 2000!
well the world could end at any moment so it might. I personally highly doubt that it will since there would be no reason that I am aware of. but there is no telling what the government isnt telling us.
Answered Sep 29, 2010
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Answered Oct 02, 2010
funny thing about that is you cant click
Sometime in 2001 or so, the Mayans predicted fire to rain from the skies. Hmm I don't think that happened. Honestly, I am a little scared of 2012, but only because of the movie. And its right. Its JUST a movie.
Answered Oct 03, 2010
I think everyone has a tiny bit of doubt that it will happen but we gotta make the most of our lifes :D
I know right!
KC13 Mar 03, 2011
What is your true concern??
Don't just focus on the year, what if it was 2015 or 2025 instead focus on
it means. If you're religious oriented focus on the meaning of the after life. Now if you choose not to believe in the after life, then what does it matter...
Obviously, nobody wants to leave just yet, but if it's going to happen then it's going to happen. Be aware of the possibility, but don't over do it.

Sorry but nobody has the answer...
Answered Oct 03, 2010
I never thought the day would come when someone asked that lolol :D
Answered Sep 28, 2010
Read my answer on this Question ; -

Answered Oct 04, 2010
Edited Oct 05, 2010
Hmm... I don't think that the world will end at 2012, I mean think about it those dudes who wrote the calender just stopped but did they write something like the world's gonna end? NOOO!! and also they said the world would end at the year 2000 but it didn't right..? I'm pretty positive that once December 22nd comes, someone's gonna make up a story about how the world's gonna end at like 2020 or something like that... and think: how would the world "end"?? I mean there isn't a reason of why, so why do we start believing the "answer" (that's probably wrong) when we haven't even heard the question yet?? You get what I mean...? Either way don't believe all that bull, ok?
Answered Nov 02, 2010
Answered Nov 09, 2010
Know one really knows but in my opinion it won't. 2012 might be the end of the world for those who are dying but there would need to be something that know one could even think of happening to occur for the world to end.
Answered Jun 03, 2011
the answer is no. reason 1: its now 2013 and we're still here. reason 2: the mayan calendar simply ended on 2012. they had this thing called a long run which was a few thousand years, a bit like how we have a decade. 2012 was simply the begining of a new long run. reason 3: some people say that planet x will collide with earth. no. people would have been able to seet the planet x for a long time before 2012.
Answered Jan 12, 2013
No :D
Answered Jun 11, 2013

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