I am a girl who thinks this other girl likes me.help plz!

well I am in middle school and I think this girl likes me.the girl is in all my classes except 4 one.in every class she sits by me.at recess she stays by me.one day I asked her if she is a lez.she ran away from me.for two days she ignored me.after that she went to normal I asked her what happend that time and she says she doesnt remember.so I asked if she was a lez again.and the same thing happened.

the thing is I think I like her two.i am thinking about asking her to go to the movies.how do I though if she keeps running away.

2 questions.sry.<:)
Asked Sep 21, 2010
Edited Sep 21, 2010
C'm on, you can figure that out. If she runs away when you ask if she's les, don't ask her if she's les, ask if she wants to go see a movie.
Answered Sep 21, 2010
yeah your right.thx.alot.are u a doctor or something cuz u seem to answer everybodys' questions?
you should ask her
Answered Oct 12, 2010
Awwwwe thats sooo sweet im in middle school to and if I were in your position I would ask her before she stops liking u. im just saying do it b4 its 2 late oru might never get hrr
Answered Oct 12, 2010
U must find someone like me love her
Answered Oct 13, 2010
you should ask her out
Answered Oct 14, 2010
i like this girl but im straight and I dnt knw if she likes me and when we hug her hand always lingers down to my waists and I really wanna knw how she feels which I feel very uncomfortable bout and she always asking me where her hug at wat to do wat to do
Answered Apr 28, 2011

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