How do I get a boyfriend?

well I am in middle school and I really want a boyfriend.i thought I was a lesbian but it turns out I am not.nobody knew about it but me,anyway all my friends have a boyfriend and I want one to.i am not to fat and not to skinny.i am the perfect size.just plz dont give me answers like wear alot of makeup or wear tight clothes.there are some girls at my school who dress like sluts and tramps and shake their but at the boyz.i do not want to be like that.i just really need tips to get a boyfriend.plz HELP!!!!!!!!
Asked Sep 20, 2010
Yeah don't wear a lot makeup or tight clothes. Anyways, you should be flirty and nice to a guy you like! Check if he responds to your flirting. By the way, always make sure you are already friends with him! Walking up to a random guy and flirting is wierd. Anyways, always be nice, never snotty. And if you think you got him wanting for more, ask him out! Hope it helps!
Answered Sep 20, 2010
No prob!
KC13 Sep 20, 2010
Ask_Sean Says, Be yourself and if it's meant to be it'l happen. Hope it works out for you :D
Answered Sep 23, 2010
Edited Sep 23, 2010
sweetie you dont want a boyfreind as much as you think imin highschool im a sophmore and they will distract you threw your middle school days trust me (:
Answered Nov 15, 2010
Maybe u need to walk a lil bit sexyer...and idk how u look so I can't say put on sum make-up but other than dat..well all ima say is u may not wanna go looking for a bf let the rite guy come up to u... : ) boys these days cheats..and I know u don't want a cheater...
Answered Nov 17, 2010
Maybe u dont need a boyfriend, maybe u need a girlfriend. I mean think bout it. There r alot more benefits and they get u when guys dont understand how u feel. And u still get the same love maybe even more :) Just plz think bout it. Really think bout it.
Answered Nov 15, 2010

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