Which love story is better?

I'm thinking about this options they are few, but I like them all and can't decide which story to write. I'm asking for your opinions and help in that way I'll know what to chose. All you need is to vote and answer why you've chosen that option...
Thanks again!

*Love story between cousins (he&she) who fall in love with each other so badly and don't care about the obstacles. At the first he is ignored and avoided by her, but very soon she will find out that she's in love with him too (at the end = they are not cousins)

*Love story between a very strict&angry young man and a very good-hearten honest girl (not yet a woman) His uncle dies and in his will the girl and his nephew are the only successors. But they can use the fortune only if they are married. He's very angry about that because he thinks that she was his uncle’s lover and because he falls in love with her he's even more angry and very harsh to her. She will fall in love with him but will never admit that because she thinks of him as monster. (They will get married but will torture them self until one of them will beg for love)

*Love story between a young govern dictator and a very beautiful nun(аlmost a nun) who was his former love and a fianceе, but decide to leave him when she'll find out about his horrible actions upon the Indians. He loves her so much and can't stand to be apart from her, but he will leave in other country. When he'll be back he's trying to win her heart again, but she says that can't be together anymore.He threatened that if she'll never be his wife that he will kill the poor people for whom she cares so much. He even had his men attack the church to prevent a monk. (the story takes place in early 19th century)
Asked Sep 18, 2010
I like the first one the best because you can develop a surprise ending around "in the end, they're not cousins." The third sounds good also if you can improve the ending to build some drama.

Consider the possibility of combining the first and the third. She becomes a nun because she loves her cousin and can't marry him then insert the drama of the third story in the middle and finish with the not cousins revelation so they can live happily ever-after.

I understand typing in this textbox is a rapid fire thing but check your grammar in the final copy.

Good job.
Answered Sep 18, 2010

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