My co switched health ins. mid year.Do I have to start all over w/mtg my min out of pocket expenses?

A couple years back, my company switched health insurance companies mid year when I was in the middle of a health related issue. So, I discovered that instead of paying maximum of $3000 out of my pocket, I ended up paying $6000 out of pocket; my old insurance company was $3000 max out of pocket and my new insurance was $3000 out of pocket. Is there anything I can do to just have to pay the $3000 maximum or am I out of luck? (The only reason I discovered this is because I have a collection agency asking for the other $3000 I didn't realize I needed to pay.)
Asked Sep 17, 2010
Collection agencies often buy uncollectable accounts receivables from medical facilities in bulk at a severe discount. The fact that it was given to a collection agency instead of billed to you first sounds very unusual to me. Your account could have been included in a package of uncollectable debt where it didn't belong.

You should ask the person in your company that administers the health insurance program. They should understand the exact terms of both policies and be able to find why it was sent to an agency with no prior notice to you.
Answered Sep 18, 2010

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