Can I sue my mother for owing child support?

OK so i'm 17 almost 18 and want to sue my mother for owing child support for the past I believe 13-14 years, the problem is she cant hold down a job she does drugs and is and alcoholic she just filed for disability falsely stating that she has bipolar disorder. she is trying to collect social security now and anything she has inst in her name because she knows it will go to my dad if it is. is there any way to get around all of this mess and colllect what she owes my father???
Asked Sep 16, 2010
The money would be owed to your father as your custodial parent and he would most likely have the legal standing to collect it, not you. It is often easy to get judgement from a court saying the debt is owed but very difficult to collect. If your state has a child support enforcement dept., talk to them. Otherwise I would have him get the judgement and try to garnishee her wages where she works if that's a possibility.

There's an old axiom, "You can't get blood out of a turnip" that may be true in this case.
Answered Sep 17, 2010
Edited Sep 17, 2010
You take to serioulsy Rob (lol) :D
If you have an answer for how she can collect the money, put it up. This is about help, not B.S.

Most all grownups take things more seriously than children.
Rob Sep 17, 2010

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