Im a girl and I think this other girl likes me, what should I do?

Hi, ima girl and I am bi. There's this girl at my school that watches me like a hawk lol. She stares and smiles at me a lot. Sometimes I may catch her looking at me and we lock eyes for a minute, then either one of us will look away, if she looks away she will smile, if I look away I pretend that I didnt pay attention to her long lasting stare. Another thing is she lives in my neighborhood, right across the street from me! She watches me if she catches me outside. Im scared but confused at the same time... she has a boyfriend but Im real confused though. If I walk pass her in the hallway she will stare me down and raise that one eyebrow lol. I had one of my friends ask her if she like me she shook her head and said "no", she said "Who told you that?"... then my friend said she was just asking. I asked my friend about it and they said that she was lying because she was smiling really hard and her face lit up like vegas. I don't know what to do...i think shes afraid to tell me but im scared to ask her... help me please anyone, thanks
Asked Sep 13, 2010
Edited Sep 13, 2010
People stare and raise their eyebrows for many reasons. Likewise, smiling doesn't mean someone is lying. She may have thought the assumption was funny. Those aren't reasons to form an opinion one way or the other.

Make up some reason to invite her across the street to your house. If she's interested in you, she'll come. If she isn't, she'll turn you down. Don't ask her a direct question about her sexual orientation. Get to know her well enough that the two of you can have a general discussion about relationships. From that, you'll find out for sure.
Answered Sep 13, 2010
Well firstly do you like it when she looks at you?

I also have this girl that looks at me but instead it's on the 229 bus and I kinda like it but it's weird Im not sure if I like her! I think you should think about it. Do you thinki about her in a good or bad way? Do you sometimes look at her back without her noticing? This might help you.
Answered Jan 14, 2011

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