Is this shy girl showing she is interested and nervous or just not interested?

I started college a few weeks ago and I really took a liking to this girl in one of my classes. I could tell in the beginning she was very shy. She would talk to others on occasion but would mainly remain quiet and to herself. She would keep looking at me and when I would look back she would mess with her clothes or her hair and blush. I kept catching her glances and decided to talk during class break. Conversation was great, we both were really into the conversation, her eyes were locked onto mine the whole time with dialated eyes, blushing, hairflipping, leaning forward towards me, etc. The next class was even better. I showed up slightly late and saw that she was waiting for me to come through the door in her seat, the moment I walked through she gave me an incredibly inviting smile, and removed bags from the seat next to her (she saved me a seat) we talked in class again that day and all went incredibly still. After class we walked out together with good conversation. We both even went into a big conversation about our shyness. I did not feel ready to admit my feelings to her but I wanted to hang with her to get to know her, so I asked her to hang. She seemed like she did not catch what I asked the first time and asked again. She told me that the next few weeks she would be busy with work and school since it recently started, but said after those two weeks she would like to. I also got her number, her home phone number. For some reason she did not give me her cell which raised questions in me. I thought maybe because of her shyness she wants a little space, so I decided not to call her yet. After all school recently started and we are still getting situated. The next class I found she would not sit next to me. She was hesitant and sat away from me. I went to talk to her during break and she said the exact moment I approached her "Do you know what number this is? They tried to call me a few times but I dont know who it is" I thought she may have been trying to tell me she was waiting for my call, but I may be looking into it too much. After class I walked with her out of class but she was on the phone so we couldn't talk extensively. I tried calling but her parents said she was at work. I forgot to leave my number for her to call back so she wasn't able to. The next class was a bit better. She was hesitant again, but decided to sit close to me, a seat away. Both of these days she was still flipping her hair and giving glances towards me.

So I am having a hard time reading her. What could be going through her head?

Do you think she has interest in me but just is really shy especially after I asked her to hang, or is she just not interested?


Shy girl shows a lot of interest towards e with smiling glancing blushing laughing, great conversation, saving me seats next to her in class, etc. Then after asking to hang she seems to be somewhat ignoring me. Is she not interested or shy?
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Asked Sep 06, 2010
Edited Sep 06, 2010
that's a tough situation man. it's like u really like her though. she could have a boyfriend so maybe that's why she was so hesitant. one day after class just ask "can I have ur cell if I can't get u at home for some reason?" she's either gonna give it to ur or explain herself. if she lies it'll be obvious.

it seems like she's intrested in you though. keep trying bro.

Good Luck, I hope it all works out! =]
Answered Sep 06, 2010

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