Mobility scooter will not go

I have a pace saver premier electric mobility scooter and have trouble to get it going .It is in gear and turn key on it will not move forward or backwards. The horn works . A friend used it and said he went through a puddle of water a week or so ago and it quit shortly after. Batteries are testing very good . There is no clicking sound when key is turned on,but needle on gauge at top of steering column says batteries on green near the top of fully charged.
Could it be a fuse?
thanks for any help you might be able to give ,much appreciated. Ron
Asked Sep 06, 2010

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I attempted to find information or an electrical schematic for that model scooter but it seems that company is only interested in selling them, not making them work. Everything says take it to a dealer.

It could be a fuse. If it quit, shortly after running through water, I would suspect water may have got in the motor or electronic controls. My advice would be to look through the paperwork that came with it and if you can find no mention of a fuse or circuit breaker, take it in to a dealer.
Answered Sep 06, 2010

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