I am a 56 yr old male I get up early around 3am, what is a good bedtime

Asked Sep 04, 2010
There are differences from one person to another but generally 7-8 hours of sleep is recommended. That would put your bed time at 7-8 PM. If you get sleepy during the day or require an alarm clock to wake up, those are signs you might want to hit the sack a little earlier. If you sleep for 8 hours or more and still get sleepy during the day, you might want to get checked out for sleep apnia.
Answered Sep 04, 2010
Thanks Rob, I usually do need at least 8 hrs of sleep and yes do need a alarm clock to wake up. I was actually thinking of going to bed around 6:30pm, my wife also thought 6:30 was a good idea. I started new hrs at work so need to be up early now.
Hi Rob, started my new hours and have been going to bed at 6:30, but tonigt changing it to 6pm instead. I have been feeling tired, guess I just need to get use to these new hours.
Ask your wife to watch you after you've been asleep for a while. If you go through periods when it appears you aren't breathing, then you gasp for air, that's a sign of apnia. While the immediate symptoms are just being tired during the day, the long term effects of sleep deprivation can be seriously damaging to your health.
Rob Sep 08, 2010
Thats a good idea, I will have her watch me tonight. Have to say had a good nights sleep last night with going to bed at 6, actually I went a little before 6. I was just talking to a guy here and he said he goes around 5:30 becuase he needs about 9 hrs of sleep. Will let you know what happens. Will be going for a physcial on Saturday morning I will talk to doctor about it also. Thanks for the information.
Hi Rob, My wife did watch me sleep last night and said I slept like a baby. I never stoped breathing or did it look like I was gaspping for air. I went up again a little before 6 and didn't wake up till alarm went off.

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