What do you think of School?

Clearly in my opinion is's very boring and I sleep like in all my classes, but id like to hear what other people think of their school and what you like about it and dont like.

I like PE and Computing
Dislike having 45 mins lunch break as in Pre School we got 1HR

Also mention if you go to Pre School or High School that would be helpful :D

Look forward to seeing your opinions :DD
Asked Sep 02, 2010
All the worst!
Answered Sep 04, 2010
LOL I agree
Sean Sep 06, 2010
Meh schools not bad lol its just science and the rubbish teachers :D
Schools crap altogether but you need an education dont u lol
Answered Sep 06, 2010
Yh lol
Ask_Sean Says,

You need an education so that you can get a job and go far in life but what I think of school is that its "boring" but what can you do eh?
Answered Sep 15, 2010
Yeh Lol Good Answer :D
You can get a real education by learning how to do stuff and how things work. You don't need to go to school to get an education.

You just need to know how to read, and make friends with people who know stuff. Practice makes perfect, not sleeping to boring people's boring talks about boring stuff.
homeschoolings better
Answered Oct 23, 2011
I agree, you could do anything you want and learned at your own paste!
yifawu Sep 06, 2014
well I think its shit the lessons are but coz I go 2 delroy high school its pretty mad coz we have fights all the time there
Answered Sep 16, 2010
LOL! Same at Grangemouth High!
I love it coz am quiet popular and clever at the same time and I get all the good grades, friends and teachers seem to love me but like to get to this good point I went through the negative of being bullied and there were some negative experiences in Primary school but now in Secondary school I have never been bullied. Hope it stays the same!!!
Answered Jan 15, 2011
School isn't just a place to learn about math or science or literature. It's also about the way we interact with people and how we can work together and make this a more interesting world. I personally don't believe in homeschooling because you would have no social interaction with people your age. And do people really want/like to stare at a computer all day? I also love school and I think that learning is fun if you find a topic you enjoy.
Answered May 24, 2011
School sucks xD but I love all my frnds :') like they are my life I love them more than my parents!
But I am moving to anothrr school :'( :'( plz pray for me
Answered Jul 24, 2014
To me in middle school it so scare and boring when you always alone without any friends or teachers to help you. I don't get alone with everyone at school. I always think that something wrong with all the schools in New York City. I only like day care and elementary school. I wish that middle school throughout collage doesn't exist anymore.
Answered Sep 06, 2014

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