Am I Pregnant? PLEASE HELP.

I am pretty young. & I had unprotected sex backk in the summer. It has now been almost 3 months since. It hurts to lay on my stomach, ive been feeling tired, i'm currently late on my period, my breasts hurt around the nipple, my stomach feels bigger, my skinny jeans dont fit well anymore around the top, I think I am getting the 'Linea negra' that goes from my belly button to my lower area. But I had light bleeding a few weeks after the sex. I dont know if that was my period or not. It hurts around my area when I pee. I never took a test, and I can't due to my age, and the fact that Its hard to get a hold of one. Telling my mom is out of the question.
Asked Aug 30, 2010
Find an understanding adult female that you know and trust and ask her to help you resolve the issue. One that is older and has had children would be best.
Answered Aug 30, 2010
my best friend which is 14 years old is pregnant too =/ and we really need help...
Answered Jan 21, 2012

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