I am a girl who likes another girl in my school, but she has a boyfriend

I like this girl in my school I have for the past three years now (I am a senior in highschool). She stares at me and I stare at her like all the time. she smiles at me and I smile at her too. Here's the thing she has a boyfriend but even when she is with her boy friend she still stares at me.I feel like there might be some kind of connection but I just don't know. I know her well but not very well. she is a hard person to become friends with too. I know that there are other people out there who have gone through this too. I just wanted some advice.
Asked Aug 29, 2010
I realize that you have strong feelings for this girl, but it doesn't appear to me that you are thinking very much about the fact that she is in a relationship with another person. She may be happy with her relationship or she may not, but that is up to her to decide.

I hope that you do not try to steal her away as your first attempt to win her heart, because taking someone out of their relationship is bound to end in tears for either party.

Be patient and get to know her better than you already do. If your feelings are strong now, you should have the strength to do this. Ask her personal questions if you two are comfortable with eachother-- such as her sexuality, how she feels about other girls, how she feels about her current relationship, etc. If the two of you are not comfortable enough to discuss personal matters.. well, you might not have as great a relationship being girlfriend and girlfriend as you think.

Patience and understanding is the key.
Answered Oct 09, 2010
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Answered Aug 29, 2010
Wow thats some connection if she stares at u like she wants u ask her if she does but dont tell her u do cause she might not.
Answered Sep 18, 2010
shet I stare at my crush all the time I see her.and she blushes!haha its good to be bi !!!;)
That is kinda crazy to me r u gay is that girl and she got a boyfriand dont u think that girl is gay that is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answered Sep 18, 2010
just do nice things for her and see do she appreciates it...then figure the rest out on your on lol good luck
Answered Oct 01, 2010
Edited Oct 01, 2010
She may be looking you up or doesnt care about her boyfriend
Answered Nov 27, 2010
Y dont u and kekecream14 just hook up
dat is so cool (im going through da same thing.(im a girl) and my crush is to but like when we are on da bus shes singing and danceing to songs (sex songs) she stares at me and I stare at her and I blush and she does too we have a speical connection cause like I have anger problems and any time im mad she comes over and gives me a hug and it calms me down in a heart beat . her friend always askes y we stare at each other like dat we always say we dont know . im not sure if its a connection or not I so hope it is she is hot like really hot!
Answered Feb 16, 2011
lol da same like really the exact same but I tryed to kiss my crush so hahaha and I did today so hahahah I love her so much.
im going through same thing I need help I knw you understand idk if she lyk me or not but my girl she got bf so im confused
912love Nov 14, 2011
me to, and im crazy about her, and she has a boyfriend
I am also going through the same thing it's really hard and I think it's real love!!!!!
Answered Apr 07, 2011
sweet the three of us do the same things so cool!! im proud to be bisexual!
And im an 11 yr old dood
i'm also going through the same thing it's really hard and I think it's real love !!
Answered Jul 28, 2011
Omg me too like I'm going to the movies with her today and she has a boyfriend witch really sucks but she still stares at me..but like one time she was doing my hair and I kept moving and she said if u don't stop I'll kiss u and I blushed so did she
Answered Jan 05, 2012
sexysoccerplayr OMG !! R u serious it happened for me tooo !!! The exact same thing :o
Ya and haha guys soo weird
No were hot 💪💪💪
I know how you feel and every time I like someone I tell them because the fact is that if you keep your emotions in then it will eventually cause you to do something that you will regret later on in life : go the bi's!!!! (BTW, im bi aswell)
Answered Feb 23, 2012
haha thats funny because im bi to and im a girl. and I really like this girl but she has a boyfriend but we r always together and I hate that I cant tell her how I feel about her but hey I will eventually hahahaXP. yeah and she is always kissing my cheek and holding my hands but she is straight. but I get the feeeling that she is bi curious hahaha I hope so in a way but at the same time I hope not hahaha. the funny thing is we live together with 6 other girls. but im glad im bi I dont deny anything XD XP
Answered Jun 01, 2012
im going through the same thing, and I think I love her, but sometimes out of no where shell hug me and kiss the top of my forehead or head. and sometimes out of knowere shell like be staring at me and ill look at her and shell say I love you. but im not sure if she actually loves me... please help
Answered Oct 10, 2012
Just wait to the right moment , even if you have to plan something to create the moment yourself, ask her "really " and give her the look take note of her actions to her question you'll know then
Jess321 Feb 02, 2013
hahaha!!! lol! this is really crazy now. im at work and just by reading your post guys I started typing to share my story. I have workmate and she has boyfriend too. were very close and we always go out together on our breaks . she always would say im pretty (im lesbian) and she knew I like her so so much ,,, a lot of guys watch her since she is freaking hot and pretty... one day she kissed me and I was like !! sh*t wtf! then on I always wnder and lov her, she is not working with us she moved to her bf's workplace but still we are seeing each other... we had s*x but after that too casual-- then again she mentioned many times she thinks she's gay,,, now it makes me smile!
Answered Dec 19, 2012
Compliment her and see how that goes. Like:"Your hair looks nice"... See how she responds. You can proceed from there. At worst you will become friends maybe.
Answered Jun 07, 2013
Ask her out if you really like her.
Answered May 15, 2015
Start by being friends. Slowly make small steps to be a good friend of hers. But don't do anything to ruin her relationship with her boyfriend. If she does anything to where she wants to start a relationship with you while she still is dating her boyfriend, tell her it's not right and that someone will get hurt and the whole thing would be messy. That being said, if she really wants to be with you, she will leave her boyfriend for you. You obviously like her but I wouldn't go so far as count eye contact as something... It leads to heartbreaks
Answered Aug 30, 2017
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