Removal of dry fruit juice stain on carpet

I have a stain in a stiff tan-coloured carpet caused by the juice of rotting fruit. It has unfortunately been left to dry over the last 3 weeks, and created a dark stain. I am desperate to find a solution to remove the stain, as removal of the carpet is almost impossible. Many thanks for any suggestions.
Asked Aug 28, 2010
Edited Aug 28, 2010
The first step is to find something that will liquify the stain, then vacuum it out. Wiping and blotting it most often spreads the stain. Try dry cleaning fluid (tetrachloroethene). It's sold in hardware and home supply stores.

Hook up a wet pickup vacuum cleaner using the crevice tool for maximum suction. Before you put the fluid (or any solvent) on the stained spot, put some on a small area back in the corner of a closet to test whether it removes the color or damages the carpet in any way. Don't apply enough to soak into the backing.

If it passes that test, alternate applying the fluid to the stained spot, let it sit for a few minutes then agitate it lightly with a fine brush and vacuum the fluid off.

Again, the object is for the fluid to liquify the stain so the vacuum can remove it.
Answered Aug 28, 2010
Edited Aug 28, 2010
Oh!!! If such bad is the case then please get in touch with a professional carpet cleaning company soon, they will clean within the minimum time frame possible with maintaining its beauty & reviving the quality back.
Answered Aug 05, 2014
Good Information
Answered Jun 02, 2015
You can use a little a warm water on the stains to dampen it lightly, or you may also use sponge for dabbing the stain with water. Use these immediately before the stain sets up.
Answered Jun 15, 2015
Here are some free tips gave via Jaz Cleaning Services to help you evacuate dry juice stains when they happen on your floor covering.

Utilize a towel to smear the range influenced by spilled dry juice until all abundance fluid has been assimilated into the towel. Wash the towel instantly on the off chance that you wish to keep it without changeless recoloring.

Spread the recolored region with table salt, and let it sit like this for 60 minutes. Vacuum up the salt from the rug and examine the territory. On the off chance that the stain remains, shower white vinegar straightforwardly onto the stain utilizing a splash bottle. Smudge with a clean fabric and re-apply the vinegar to the territory. Rehash showering and smearing until the stain is no more.

In the event that the dry juice stain is still noticeable, utilize an oxidizing fade based floor covering cleaner that contains hydrogen peroxide or sodium percarbonate. Shower the recolored region with the cleaner, and rub the cleaner into the rug working tenderly with a material hosed in warm water. Flush the oxidizing blanch out of the floor covering by smudging the zone with a dry, clean material. Press the fabric immovably against the floor covering to help engrossing the arrangement.

On the off chance that the dry juice stain has officially dried, you may need to call experts, for example, Jaz Cleaning Services ( to uproot the stain effectively.

Answered Jul 11, 2015
Edited Jul 11, 2015
We use herbal liquid washing agent to remove the stains. It removes spots but did not have any bad effect on carpets. Check out here
Answered Nov 05, 2015
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