Im a girl & I think im 100% bi?

Asked Aug 27, 2010
That's great. It would be very troubling if you were only 50% Bi. Then, what would the other half be? Would you then be Bi-Bi?
Answered Aug 27, 2010
Edited Aug 27, 2010
what? no I mean im more girls than anything but actually no I mean im 100% certain im BI!
it's better than being 100% unsure and lost like meee!
Lol oh yeah im 75% Bi & 25% Raging lesbian
just one qustion what does bi mean.
Answered Dec 12, 2010
when you like boys and girls
im bi to and I rlly dnt know what to do.... but like just find girls at your school
Answered Feb 13, 2011
have you got facebook
ever one has a facebook doooooo yyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
im bi no big deal really
Answered Jul 03, 2011
I'm bi 2
Answered Jan 05, 2012
Im bi aswell and all I did was asked my friends if they could keep a secret and then asked them not to freak out til the end and that they wouldn tell anybody and then told them because I knew I could trust them so what im trying to say is..... Just tell the people you trust so you dont have it bottled up inside you foreve because if you do then you might end up doing something you regret later on in life
Answered Feb 23, 2012
yes tim is right i`m bi too and these days I cannot feel anything for guys
i want to be with girls and its hard to fine some one fit
hehe when I walk or i`m at the bus or out I look at girls and I like beauty and I feel some of them are interested.
well my friends always tell me that I have some boy manner but i`m girl with long hair...!
Answered Jan 21, 2013
IM A RAGING BISEXUALLLLLLL!!!! I want a gf more than ANYTHING! I want a girl who-ll lay on me and watch tv w me & cuddle me & LOVE MEEEEE! Please Im desperate!!!

Answered Mar 31, 2020

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