How do I get my surveillance dvr on line

I have a Bunker Hill Security
4 Channel Surveillance DVR with 4 Cameras
Item # 67139 Manufacturer:
And I would like to get it on line so I can access it remotely. Thus far I have set everything up to be able to do this to my understanding But I am thinking there is something I am missing with may be port forwarding on my router or some kind of IP conflict with my home network.
While I am at home I can access the DVR but once I leave my network No DVR for me. If someone could point me in the right direction I would really like to resolve this issue. Hit me with all the questions needed and I will provide details as the discussion unfold (hopefully).
Thank you in advance.
Asked Aug 26, 2010
If you have the manual for the software and it is capable of Internet Access, it should cover that in the manual. Your question isn't clear whether you can access it through another machine on the Network or only via the desktop on the machine it's connected to.

If there is no mention in the manual, try the Remote Desktop feature in Windows.

Complete How To:
Answered Aug 26, 2010
I do have the manual for the device and I have done everything it has spelled out. It is just very vague. Here is a link:

The device is internet ready. I can access the device via my lap top while on my home network. The device also has software that is installed on my lap top.
At home I have a Comcast account which the IP changes every six months or so. That I have noticed. From my Comcast router I then have a Netgear wireless router hooked up that has the up link to the DVR.
I have enabled port forwarding on the netgear, inserted the device IP, and documented the most recent Comcast IP.
I will however look into the remote desktop feature as well as file sharing?
Could file sharing be an issue? Mines turned off.
Whisler Aug 26, 2010
I am also opperating windows vista.
Whisler Aug 26, 2010
File sharing could be the problem if the remote computer has to access files. It should be fairly simple to share the drive long enough for a test. What you're trying to do is very similar to the Remote Desktop connection. The link I sent has a step by step. I'd look at it and see if it offers any clues in the setup that are different than yours using the software.

I have no experience with Vista. I'm still on XP, living in the dark ages. :-)
Rob Aug 26, 2010
I looked at the manual. I suspect the problem might be that the software is asking for a fixed IP address. That will work for a LAN but may conflict with an Internet Service Provider that automatically assigns IP addresses. I'd call their tech support at 1-800-444-3353 and have them walk you through the setup.
Rob Aug 26, 2010
I also have the Bunker Hill 4 camera surveillance system and the software that came with the system does not have the software that I need to be able to view this on my laptop. I am looking for the PC Viewer D6 series software that I need. If anyone has this could you please let me know. Every time Harbor Freight sends me a new CD it never has the file on it. I have tried them on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
Thanks for any help.
bconfer Sep 03, 2010
The IP address you use at home is different than the IP address you'd use outside. I just set up a similar DVR last weekend. On my home network I go to (the 192.168 part is likely similar to the first 2 numbers you use). However that IP address isn't visible outside your network. You need to use the IP address of your router. You'll also going to need to forward a port to the DVR so the router knows which device you want to connect to. For mine the default DVR port is 80 which you should leave as is. You then need to pick a somewhat random port to use externally and setup your router to forward that port to your DVR. Each router is different but for mine I set the external port to 350 and asked the router to forward that port to port 80 on my DVR IP address. When not at home I enter the IP address of my router followed by :350. For example. and that works fine. If your IP address only changes every 6 months you can probably just use the IP address. if it changes more often you can use something like to setup a URL that will always point to your home IP address.

Good luck.
Answered Oct 01, 2010
sorry ineed the software
Answered Jun 17, 2011
It took me a week to figure out how to set up the Bunker Hill system so I can see the cameras on the web and my iPhone. I posted the instructions here:

Answered Dec 01, 2012
if you want to set up to see over the internet you need to port forward two different ports the ports are 8080 or 80 this is the first one that needs to be forwarded tcp and udp the next port you need to forward is 9000 tcp and udp if you don't know how to forward your port you need to access your router and go into port forward in your router many online help four your router my router is century link actiontec c1000a go into advance setting go down page look for port forward and inter the information than you can see it over the lan to see it from away from your lan you need to know your router ip address go to to get this information that is the address you input to see it away from home now if you want to see it on an android phone you need to forward one more port but you need to go in the menu on dvr and go to devices and mobile than you need to change your login name password and you can change the port you need this port forwarded I could not see the default port after I forwarded it so I change it than I could see it that is the port you need to use in the port on the app when setting up the camera than you can see it on your android phone don't pay for the instructions it just takes a little time to check your ports and that is it I will say it is not hard but it is frustrating
Answered May 08, 2013
you need activex controls running on internet explorer My O.S. is windows xp.
the Dvr network settings are as folllows:
TYPE Static
Media Port 9000 (default)
Web Port 80 (default)
1P address 192.***.***.??? ( 1st 3 sets numbers set same as your routers ip addres .. last needs set as any open number available in your network.. see below for more info)
GATEWAY 192.***.***.***.*** ( SAME ip AS YOUR ROUTER "INTERNAL IP")

To find your Ip address, have your ethernet cord plugged into 1 of the ports on the router.. click the start button on comuter then go to the run /search input box.. enter CMD.. when command center opens.. type in ipconfig , this will display your network configurations and ip address and subnet mask etc.. you need to pick a compatible number to finalize the ip address of the DVR.. again,,, it has to be the same as the routers ip except for the last set after the last . "dot) .. it has a range it has to stay in also.. you can pick something like 150 .. then check it in the cmd center, type in ping ***.***.***.150 if the ip number you entered is already assigned to another device in your network, you will have to use one that doesnt get a response when pinging..alternatively,you can also set your dvr to dhcp after having it pluggged into the router ,, the router will atomatically assign the dvr an ip,, find this ip,, write it down, then in your dvrs network settings, manually input that assigned ip as the Static ip (or locked in ip) you should be able to see the cameras /dvr an the lan connection after this set up, to view from afar (from another network or remotely, you need to open the ports on the router..
to do this, close all windows and running programs etc on your machine,, make sure you have an ethernet cord plugged into the computer to 1 of the ports on yur router.. open internet explorer or whatever browser you have .. in the browser bar , type in http://***.***.***.*** (your routers Ip address)
this will open your router for configuration..(sign in.. usualy admin admin if not secured or new.. I have a linksys.. so I went to the gaming tab/ port forwarding .. go to the multi port forwarding .. open ports 9000 80 and 18004 for both tcp and udp and assign these ports to the ip of the dvr that you created or copied from the orginal dhcp setting the router gave it.. remember the DVR has to be set on static in its network settings for this to work.
if you get it all set right, you can view your cameras remotely by entering your "external" ip address.. this can be found through your isp or searching :" what is my ip address... this is the address visible to the world.. its the modems address.. the routers address is behind the firewall and not visible to the world web( hopefully ) can view dvr on lan by typing inthe local ip or your routers ip, but to view remotely, you need to type in the external ip in the browser bar. I can now view my cameras on my Droid Razr smart phone now, outside of my homw network.... the only app I have found to work is consistantly is ..KMEye.. downloaded fom the google playstore.. the mobile port is 18004 .. the address is external.. ( to find your external ip address, go to goolgle and just type in "what is my IP address.. and viola.. there it is.........I hope this mess helps someone.. cause I aint no IT guy. LOL
I'm stuck on configuring the alarm emails with this crappy BUNKerhill box. I cant seem to get it to work for nothin.. any help? I have Charter internet.

Answered Jun 04, 2013

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