Information on identity theft and database. Plz help.

Basically if a man applied for several jobs at different retail stores, and he was denied each time and he later found out that the stores used a database to screen applicants and it listed him as an shoplifter. The real shoplifter had given the police the innocent man's identification from a lost wallet.
Would this incident have been as likely to happen 30 years ago? Why or Why not?
P.S. sorry for the long question and once again Thk u and any help would be appreciated.
Asked Aug 24, 2010
Edited Aug 24, 2010
For the information to appear in his criminal record, he would have to be convicted, not just accused. Thirty years ago the record of a misdemeanor conviction would remain at the local court house or police dept. Today it would be available nationwide via the Internet so assuming he was wrongfullly convicted, it would be more likely to happen today. It is also more likely that the personell departments at the stores would have access to the information today.

With more public awareness of idenity theft, greatly improved identification and investigative techniques, the chance of a wrongful conviction however is less likely today. The answer would hinge on the conviction.

Answered Aug 24, 2010
Thank you for always coming through and helping a girl out I really greatly appreciate the help you've been giving me, god bless you.

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