What is the difference between tournament poker and cash poker?

Steven Brandon
Asked Aug 24, 2010
A cash game, otherwise known as a "ring game" is a form of poker with no fixed start or end time. Cash games are rather permanent tables where players can come as go as they please. These games have a buy-in minimum (and maximum at no limits): the player must bring at least this much money to the table.

A tournament is a structured competition with a fixed starting point and completion when only one person remains. The tournaments have an entrance fee. Once paid that entitles the person to take part in the tournament. As soon as their chips are depleted they are out of the tournament

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Answered Aug 24, 2010
When it comes to playing poker, there are generally two different kind of games played. The first is a cash game. This means there is one table with individuals coming and going as they please. The second is a tournament, with often multiple tables going on at the same time. In large tournament play, there might be dozens of tables going on.
When playing in a cash poker game, you exchange your money for chips. You can come to the table with as much or as little as you want. Every player is going to come to the game with a different amount of chips. However, in a tournament, every player pays the same amount to enter the tournament and are usually given the same amount of chips so there is no advantage. There might be slight variations to the rule of how many chips a player receives in a tournament, but in general, every player receives the same amount.
With a cash game, you are able to quit at any time you decide. When you leave, you can then exchange your chips back into cash. However, this is not the same with a tournament. In tournament play, you sit at the table until either you are out of chips or you have won. There is only one winner in tournament play per table. Instead of cashing out, you are paid money based on your final position in the end of the tournament. The longer you last, the more likely you receive more money during the payout. If you are out of chips in a cash game, you are always able to buy yourself back in. However, once you are out of chips in a tournament game, you are out and done for the tournament completely.
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Answered May 05, 2015
Cash Game: A cash game is a game where you can sit down at any time, and immediately start playing poker. You can stay as long as you want, and keep bringing money to the table – although there may be limits in how much you can bring, if you are playing no limit or pot limit poker

Tournaments: Tournaments are a lot different. You buy-in for a fixed amount, and then you are given a certain amount of chips for that amount. Unless it’s a rebuy/add-on tournament(which we’ll talk about in a second) then you cannot get any more chips.
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Answered Dec 18, 2015
Ill make my answer simple so that people who do not play poker can understand it.

Cash game Live/Online: Its where you just search for an open seat in a poker table and start playing and you can leave or join anytime you want . You can earn or lose you money each round(preflop,flop,turn,river) end.

Tournament: Where many people pay(buy-in) to participate and only the those who stayed the longest Wins and gets the price(actually, most tourneys wins you some money if you are able to survive being part of 10%-20% left on the tourney).

For online Cash games I suggest you yourself a HUD(PT4/HM2) and a hand analyzer program like Leak Buster.
Answered Feb 22, 2016

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