Does singing these religious songs violate any consititutional principle?

the winter concert sponsored by the Varsity Choir at Mt. Knox High school, a public school in Vernon County, featured several religious songs taken directly from the New Testament of the Bible. The songs clearly portrayed one religion as the only true religion. Several parents complained about this preferential treatment by writing letters to the choir derector. At the spring concert that year, the varsity choir again sang several songs taken from the New Testament. These same songs were performed ar commencement ceremonies that year.
Asked Aug 19, 2010
The first amendment of the Constitution says, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." That's all it says about religion.

If Congress had passed a law mandating the singing of religious songs, that would clearly be a constitutional issue. In my thinking, the choice of music for a high school choir may rise to the level of a local school board issue but not above that. The answer is to look at the big picture. If we have a constitutional right to always hear music we like, we're in trouble.
Answered Aug 20, 2010

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