Please give your reasons for applying for bus driver job.

please give your reasons for apply for bus driver job and outline any skills or experience which you feel are relevant to this application.
Asked Aug 02, 2010

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Reasons for applying:

1. I need a job.

2. I like both moving around and sitting in one place all day. I can do both on the bus.

3. I like meeting new people.

4. The big bus is more fun to drive than my moped.

1. I know the city from studying Google Maps.

2. I have experience dealing with people from my previous job doing people's homework on Ehelp.

3. I drove my uncle's truck once.

Please let me know if I get the job.

Answered Aug 03, 2010
Edited Aug 03, 2010
is the art of writing an application gone these days? this is like the third one ive seen.
I'm not sure if they're applications or homework assignments from classes they're taking. Either way, as my grandfather used to say, "A stupid question will always get a "stupider" answer." :-)
Rob Aug 03, 2010
i'm tired of walking!!
Answered Aug 04, 2010
pshad77 -

You should not have to explain why you want a Bus Driver job. Rather, detail in your cover letter and resume those skills that relate to bus driving.

Visit any of the larger job boards, i.e.,,, etc. and conduct a search for Bus Driver jobs. Note the language used in the job posting, and put that information in your resume and cover letter.

Use's ( free online resume and career letter builder tool to build your Bus Driver resume and cover letter.

Good luck.
Answered Jan 06, 2011
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