Why is m 3 year old so naughty?

She wakes up in the middle of the night and gets into everything. During the day when I am cleaning she is in the other room and destroys everything. She will go in the bathroom and empty all of the shampoo bottles. Get in the fridge and takes all the food outside and dumps it everywhere. I am losing my mind and don't know what to do.
Asked Aug 01, 2010
Edited Aug 01, 2010
Your description not only sounds like a harrowing experience, it sounds like it is dangerous for your child. The "terrible twos" is the age when children gain mobility and start becoming curious yet they don't have the communication skills to understand what you are telling them. Your daughter should be coming out of that stage. A three year old should be learning to communicate enough that she can understand. She has no idea she's being naughty, she's just active and exploring. You have to teach her what is acceptable and what isn't.

How you teach her is important. Anybody that thinks you can just tell the child, "don't do that" or "get down from there" is in for a long, hard few years.

My list of ideas:

* She needs to be on a daily schedule where she eats, sleeps and plays at the same time.

* She needs a safe play area where her toys are that she is free to use.

* She needs a set of rules for where she can go and what she is allowed to do.

* Everybody that deals with her should apply the same set of rules.

* When she doesn't follow the rules, the consequences should be automatically the same, like "time out."

* There should never be warnings before the consequences. A three year old is a lot smarter than you would think. They quickly learn how many warnings you're good for before the real consequences come. She has to understand that when she doesn't follow the rules, timeout always follows automatically.

* Don't get angry or loud with her when she violates the rules, just make time out the natural consequence. Apply them with love and understanding.

It will help if everybody in the family spends some quality time with her. One of the best ways is to read to her. It will become a bonding experience and will relax her.

And the most important. A three year old has no idea who she is. You are going to teach that to her. The rule is, "tell her she is, what you want her to be." If you tell her she's bad or naughty, she will believe that's what she is and behave accordingly. It works much better to simply apply the consequences for bad behavior and give her lots of attention for the good things she does. If you can convince her she's bright, capable and a great asset to the world, that's who she'll turn out to be.

Answered Aug 01, 2010
First train your kids to be respectful and not let them get out of hand. It will continue to be like that until you put your foot down.
Answered May 25, 2011
So are you saying it's the parents fault. We're still suffering from depression. What you are saying sounds ideal, but how? We're too exhausted.
Answered Jul 04, 2013
She needs a routeen and its just in their nature punish her severly when shes bad use the time out always works for me!
Answered Jul 05, 2013
Give her a couple light pops on the butt and if she laughs, do it again and say you are serious. If she still laughs, put her in timeout for about 2 minutes.
If she is still bad, take away her toys. If she cries, don't threaten her. Spank her. She will learn.

Spare the rod, spoil the child.
Answered Aug 10, 2013

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