If a boy smiles and looks at me everyday does that mean that he likes me?

Asked Jul 28, 2010
When he's not looking, see if he looks and smiles at other girls the same way or ask a girlfriend to talk to him and see if he reacts that way to her. If the look is something specially reserved for you, I'd say he does.
Answered Jul 28, 2010
i just changed my name but that might help
kattie Jul 28, 2010
listen to rob he wont steer you wrong.
Answered Aug 11, 2010
Well, he could just be friendly, even though he smiles at you EVERY day, that doesn't mean that he likes you, but hopefully he does!
Answered Aug 13, 2010
my boyfriend told me that he tried to do that to get my attention hes really in love with me evrytime I looked at him hed look away like he was embarrased just get some guts and ask him out:) :) :0
Answered Aug 14, 2010
that is what I do when I like a girl
Answered Sep 07, 2010
Perhaps or he could just like you, (being friendly)

My Guess is that he does though because I smile at Girls when I like them or thnk they are hot. (think about it this way, would you smile at someone ugly? (ugly in your opinion is what im meaning) (who you dont get on with and not your friend?) (Unless it's your friend then yeah smile away) but thats what I think to myself would they smile at someone ugly (besides your friend/family)) Catch my drift?
Answered Oct 07, 2010
Edited Oct 07, 2010
Try smiling back. Take time to talk to the boy and make conversation with him. You can learn a lot by the way he talks to you and the content of his discussion.

I smile at people that I feel friendly with, even if I do not know them. There is a man I smile at every time I visit a specific store because I think he is funny and when he smiles back I start to wonder if he thinks I am flirting with him even though I walk in holding my husbands hand. LOL.

I guess my point there is that its really difficult to tell what a person wants if they just smile at you. You will have to dig deeper and go in personally.

A question for you is.. do YOU like HIM? If you're not interested, it may be no concern that he is smiling at you a lot and you wouldn't want to get his hopes up by leading him on.

Examine your own feelings and then take the time to get to know him. The other answers above are also really helpful. There is no shame in getting a friend to help you out.

Peace and love forever! xD
Answered Oct 09, 2010

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