How To File for SSI If I've Been Turned Down 3 Times

I have filed for SSI three times, but I keep getting turned down. I am 65 years old, take medication for depression, can't get a job because of my age, physical health (I have COPD, shortness of breath, arthritis, am weak all the time) and my past criminal record (I have spent a total of 38 years of my life in prison). What am I to do?
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Asked Jul 25, 2010
If you've filed and been turned down three times, the question that's not answered above is what reason do they give you for turning you down? If there is factual information in your status that disqualifies you, then you aren't going to get it. If the facts they're basing the decision on are incorrect or if you think they are not being applied correctly, Social Security has an appeal system that is very fair and equitable.

File an appeal at this link:
Answered Jul 25, 2010
The last time I filed, they ordered breathing tests for me. Then they turned my appeal down before the results were even received by them. I had an attorney, and when they turned me down, he finally let me know six months later, and said there was nothing more he could do.
If you were turned down once, appealed and was turned down on the appeal, The SS and/or the attorney had to give you a specific reason. What was the reason?
Rob Jul 25, 2010

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